A wise man once said, “A different language is a different version of life.”

In the contemporary era, multilingualism has become the marker of inclusivity. Concerted efforts are made in every domain of the world to move away from an English-centric world to local languages. The ubiquitous eminence of the English language is facing severe challenges from regional languages of the world.

Statistics reveal that 400 million people speak English as their first language, and 1.1 billion speak it as their second language. So, the fact remains that English is the most widely spoken non-native language.

The hour’s need is to strengthen regional languages as not everyone who knows English is not fluent enough in the language to gather any substance from English content. More than 7000 languages are spoken in the world today, so, marginalizing 6999 of them for the sake of one universal language is unfair and arbitrary.

Language translation services are the flag-bearers of linguistic unity as they help bring local languages to the forefront. Language translation is the conversion of information from the source language to the target language.

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Translation services act as the slingshot to professional success as the clientele becomes global and the business credibility expands. Professional language translations are done by translators who are expert in the source language and the target language and have ample knowledge about both regions’ socio-cultural, political and economic tastes.

In addition to language translation, the particular area of regional language translation is vital for business diversification. In a country like India, where 1 billion people communicate in over 30 languages and 6000 dialects, the vitality of regional language translation becomes irreplaceable.

To ensure unprecedented business expansion, make sure that you opt for regional translation services. For example, while attempting to scale up business in the state of Odisha, you ought to choose English to Odia translation for professional credibility and success.

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The translation industry is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, with a market size of 38 billion and a yearly average growth rate of six per cent. It is a dynamic industry, and new trends evolve at the bat of an eye. Let us look at some of the recent trends popping up with language translation services.

The significance of trans-creation will enhance by leaps and bounds. More and more businesses are recognizing the relevance of skillfully approaching international clients, and trans-creation has emerged as the optimal method. It involves both localization and creative writing.

The trend is to adapt texts and even entire marketing campaigns to feel natural to the target audience. If you opt for English to Odia translation, content as the whole will be conceived as organic by the clientele conversing in Odia.

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The phenomenon of specialization is another recent trend engulfing the industry of language translation services. With numerous industries mushrooming all around, possessing some amount of domain-specific knowledge for language translation is vital. The specificity of the sector that requires translation is essential in making the result holistic and smooth.

Video content is taking the entire world by storm. Cisco predicts that 80 per cent of the internet’s traffic will arrive from videos by 2021. So, the demand for video subtitling is at an all-time high. Research reveals that 85 percent of Facebook videos are played without sounds, making subtitling essential.

The e-learning market is expected to boom by USD 325 billion by the year 2025. But, most of the e-learning content is available only in English. With saturation being very evident in the English-speaking market, more and more online educators will seek language translation services for e-learning courses.

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There is an old saying that “the language in India changes every few kilometers, as does the water.”

The linguistic diversity of India is unparalleled and profound. The distinction of Indian states is made along linguistic lines. But, there is a spilling of languages across all state boundaries. For example, Assamese is the lingua franca of Assam, but languages like Bengali and dialects such as Karbi, Missing, etc., are also spoken.

As such, regional languages have immense power and influence in India. Properly utilizing language translation services can genuinely revolutionize your business in the country.

English still presides as the unrivaled king of business and technical communication in India. But, positive changes in recent times have compelled market forces and technological giants to consider regional and native languages as viable alternatives to English.

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A study revealed 175 million English-speaking internet users and 234 million Indian language internet users in the year 2017. The gulf is expected to widen by 2021 as Indian language speakers will double to 535 million. English speaking users will increase by a meagre 10 per cent to 199 million users.

Hence, native languages are genuinely ground-breaking as they can change the brand image of any business and exponentially expand the clientele base.

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Any professional venture is bound to enhance with proper utilization of regional languages. Your business will have the first-mover advantage as the arena of tapping local language is negligible.

In India, where multiple languages form the base of every community, offering services in the native languages will boost your company’s reach and skyrocket its credibility. While choosing English to Odia translation, make sure that the service providers have prior experience dealing with an Odia audience.

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The Indo-Aryan language of Odia is spoken in the Indian state of Odisha. It is also the state’s official language, wherein native Odia speakers account for 82 per cent of the total population. Odia is also spoken in West Bengal, Jharkhand – where it is also the second official language, and Chhattisgarh.

At least one million people speak the language in Chhattisgarh. According to the 2011 census, Odia is spoken by 3.1 Indians, of which 93 per cent reside in the state of Odisha. You cannot ignore the significance of the Odia Diaspora as it constitutes a sizable population of 50 million in several countries of the globe.

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Odia is the sixth Indian language designated as a classical language based on its long literary history and originality. The earliest known inscription of Odia dates back to the 10th century CE.


Although machines can perform language translations, hiring professional and expert human translators is the optimal technique to transpose any document. Devices and in-build apps can only do word-to-word transposing.

Unlike humans, machines cannot consider the grammar, socio-cultural context, intended message, and target audience of the relevant text. Translation is a complex process that humans are best adapted to do.

It does not have any concrete arithmetic formula and is context-driven. The intricacies of the situation can be grasped only by a professional translator who is an expert on the source and target language.

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