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Devnagri Funding
Devnagri raises $600K in a seed round from Venture Catalyst, IPV, others

[:en]Devnagri is one of the leading Indian Language Translation engines. It aims at revolutionizing the Indian translation industry by cumulating neural machine translation and advanced technology. Within a short span of time, the company has achieved great milestones and has

English to Odia translation
The Slingshot to Professional Success – English To Odia Translation Services

[:en]A wise man once said, “A different language is a different version of life.” In the contemporary era, multilingualism has become the marker of inclusivity. Concerted efforts are made in every domain of the world to move away from an

India Emerging Deep Tech Global Hub
Devnagri Co-Founder, Himanshu Sharma Shared His Views on India Emerging Deep Tech Global Hub

[:en]Undoubtedly, over the past decade, India has transformed itself in the digital forum drastically. As a result, the technology startup ecosystem has seen a prominent growth trajectory. Moreover, the ongoing tech revolution has surfaced deep technologies that will be at

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