4th Stratcomm Summit, 2019 held at Holiday Inn, New Delhi International Airport from 21st to 22nd February 2019. It was an absolutely knowledgeable and delightful event and Devnagri is thankful to the Stratcomm team for making it a part of the event. There were a lot of memorable events at this place and our collective experience has been shared further.

This event focused well enough on business comm. and how the digital foothold in the communication department is important to make the product & service observable in targeted market. This summit initiated an important call among all the decision makers to state the complexities and find probable solutions for the exact market penetration in this modern era. Different communities are difficult to bring on same phase and this event has given notable contribution in this phase.

Members @Summit

Member of communication department from almost every notable company that contributed in development of Indian economy was present at this event. Some of these were:

  • Mr. Suresh Vaidyanathan (Head of Corporate Affairs – Alibaba Mobile Business Group)
  • Mr. Satinder Bindra (Director of Comm. India & South Asia – Uber India)
  • Ms. Latika Taneja ( External Communications – Mastercard)
  • Ms. Natasha Tandon (Head Corporate Comm. – Philips Lighting India)
  • Mr. Brian Ammanna (Head Corporate Comm. – Swiggy)
  • Mr. Arpan Basu (Head Comm. – Coca-Cola India and Southwest Asia)

To know the complete list of noted members check here

Devnagri at StratComm

Devnagri was the networking partner with AICL to organise this event. We had great time working with the community members at the event. It was pleasurable summit to be at. We had great chance of communicating with the different company heads and think tanks whose ideology inspire the whole world. We have gathered very good connections at the event and possibly we shall be collaborating to work with them soon enough.

The knowledge of establishing communication within and outside (with clients, investors, media) a company was imparted. Communication heads from different notable companies shared their strategies at the event.

Our main aim was to have the networking with all the associated members and have their ideas about multilingual promotion and marketing strategies of the brand. We were successful in achieving this aim while gaining the knowledge of scope that Devnagri can project in near future. We had discussion with almost every noted member of the summit and they seems to be have knack of understanding the vernacular power. Our awareness helped the companies to make the decision in building positive communication channels from international to local levels. It gave them the projected view of how the product & service can grow with multilingual marketing.

From Speakers Deck

Women empowerment is a crucial stream to move in, we need to strengthen the homemakers and help them in building better tomorrow at every stage. Our speaker at the event, Mr. Nakul Kundra – Co-founder Devnagri, project the same message in his speech. Devnagri and relatable part Kutumbh (Translator Community) is helping the women of our nation to grow and use their lingual capabilities. It is a small initiative that is playing its part and our company hopes to scale it in all corners of the country.

We hope that such events would help in increasing the communication between the different part of the company and will help in generating new streams of empowering women at Global scale.