Devnagri was a part of Indian delegation at BRICS XI International IT Forum 2019 organised at Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia. The event was attended by delegations of 48 countries including BRICS and SCO Nations. It was a chance to meet the delegates from different and exchange views on mutual growth for a better tomorrow. We gained a lot of influence as well as support from different members available at the forum and exchanged our thoughts on different future possibilities.

Whom All Did We Meet?

The industry experts from different streams collaborated with Government officials by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) into a delegation for turning this event as an opportunity for standard business and comforts that can be progressive for Indian nationals. With the support of FICCI, we had a chance to have thoughtful conversations with many notable members who marked their presence at forum such as:

Mr Binaya Srikanta Pradhan, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of India, Moscow

Natalya Komarova,  Governor Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia

Mrs. Purnima Anand, President of the BRICS International Forum and International Federation of Indo-Russian Youth Clubs

Prof. Rajat Moona, Director, Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai

We also got an opportunity to discuss the possibility of working with Russian Government closely with Indian language as the base ground of the business and MTS Telecom, Russia.

Devnagri Now Translating From Russian to Indian Languages

We took another step and made it an opportunity to announce our newly added language on Devnagri platform which is Russian. Now, we are open for Russian to Indian language translation service. We shall now be able to bring Russian brands ready to launch their products in India closer to their dream with local linguals at their service.

Details of Event

Event mainly focused on overall mutual development of countries that took participation. Main highlighted topics were:

  • Information and Communication in the Digital Era: Explicit and Implicit Impacts
  • Smart City: Comfortable and Safe Urban Environment,
  • Big Data in Medicine
  • Training of personnel for digital economy
  • Legal Regulation of the Digital Environment
  • Digital Healthcare

We are certain about having business growth and collaboration with different companies that we met and had discussions with. It certainly will help in grooming ourselves as well as expanding our business opportunities.