Devnagri is a company domination in Indian Translation from English to tamil and other constitutional languages. The company is proving its worth with translation services provided.

Devnagri has done a remarkable job in bringing translation services online for the international and Indian language pairs such as English to Tamil. The localization platform has been reaching out to increase the ratio of data available online Indian languages as compared to English. Work is being organized and delivered to customers with a complete set of professional translators who feel and can relate to each words and localize them accordingly.

Tamil being a Dravidian language is spoken by the people in India and Sri Lanka. With over 52 million speakers it has acquired the state of constitutional/official language of India. Spoken with over 247 characters it is the backbone of many neighbouring Dravidian linguals. Thus it has a rich heredity attached to it and translation in the same can help getting business from native speakers.

Devnagri Makes Sure that the language interpretation services catered online should include the least complicated mechanism including the most of the information that must be with any project. Thus, system specializations are given further below:

Easy to order project
The system is capable of accepting the project within two simple steps. The payment and other formalities are easy to proceed with.

Real Time Track
The user gets the track of the translation done in real time through the progress bar and access to the translation screen.
Live Conversation Between Client & Translator

The user can conversate with the translator and discuss or comment over any translation

The content that need not to be worked upon or has to be converted with particular format can be locked under the glossary for the project.

AI Powered Tool
The AI mechanism helps in saving the history for each project converted and gives the same results when the similar project with similar words come into existence again.

Accepting Different File Formats
The tools is able to accept 22 file formats which means that the user need not to worry about filtering out the content portion from differently coded files.

Proofreading Helps in Assured Quality
The proofreading option given with the conversion can help in assuring that the task performed are up to the mark.

Expert Opinion
Professional from different fields having decades of experience in their dedicated streams with the talent of being multilingual work on the content given by the client thus giving the security of domain knowledge and language as well.

AI powered human translation platform is providing translation services online in English to Tamil and other Indian vernaculars. The company has a strongly built platform that can cater huge data demands on client within short duration of time. The quality work is supported by the professional bilinguals of different streams. The decades of experienced workforce work collectively to bring the desired results. Economic pricing model and customization of plans according to clientele demand make each project unique. The localization can help in securing the business and will support in educating Indians as well.