Nothing is achieved in a fortnight, it takes a lot of preparations and hard work to achieve what is known as “success”. Devnagri recently was able to be a part of an opportunity where it could spread out its unique properties in front of the right audience, RISE, an indigenous platform has been providing an opportunity to the rising tech trendy companies, startups to let out the voice globally.

What Makes RISE so big?

Out of tons of applications reaching every year to the RISE with new ideas and pitches, it chooses approx top 300 to share their potentials. The selection of being among those has motivated the team and given another boost of assurance that our track is the unique as well as universally acceptable one. Covering almost every big name of the IT industry across the globe with over 600 reporters to channelize the event.

Devangri And RISE:

Devnagri being a unique platform for Indian translation services help its clients in document translation with AI supported manual interface. In this user just need to upload the file with the specific set of instruction in which it has to be converted. With the feel of the instruction set and keeping the meaning intact, the tool itself converts the data and store it in same file format. The best reason to utilize it is that the user gets an opportunity to convert the set of files in more than one language using the single tool and single set of instruction and it doesn’t take much of time as well. With the touch of human expectation, the tool works flawlessly. Thus, to provide the application or the website to the one’s customer this Indian regional languages localization service provider technology is a complete package.

Once it is in RISE the same will be broadcasted globally and the different business organizations interested in bringing their products to Indian market shall have the support to be more regional and facilitate their customer in the language they feel most comfortable in.

Anything Else Required:

While supporting 18+ file formats including .php, .string, .resx the complete application, website and even the game can be converted into more than 8 Indian languages. The technology is still growing, the Artificial Intelligence is still being implemented with advanced human support to make it better with every moment. Devangri thrive to present the top-notch facility with a single motive i.e. to connect the communities with the technology in the language that they not only understand but feel as well. This will help them to relate and absorb the flavors of technology in a better way thus cutting the barrier of the language gap.