Our Story

We are in the business of building applications.

We make products for clients who wish to provide entertainment, facilities to their customers through them. This is a century of innovation and now through technology it is possible to book flight tickets just by moving your thumb on your phone appropriately, similarly technology has also influenced the life of the elderly in a good way – they can schedule appointments from the doctors, have proper reminders for medications, book tickets and visit their loved ones.

But, slowly we realized that despite the fact that we are one of the biggest IT driven nations in the world, we overlooked the convenience of our own people. We have been making applications driven by the ideas and needs of our foreign clients and we build applications and services which are intended to be used by their own audience, and here is the main point, in their own language.
We realized that just the simple fact of not being fluent or comfortable in a foreign language ( English, as is often the case ) prohibits many Indians from actually making use of the wonderful technology and the modern mobile revolution.

People aren’t open to using the modern services due to their fear of making mistakes while using a Banking or Booking application in a language that they don’t feel comfortable with.

We have realized that there is a disconnection between what a business or a facility provider can reach and what our elders, fellow countrymen can use – just because of a language barrier! Thus, started profession Indian language online translation service company for interpretation of Tamil, Telugu and other constitutional languages from English.
We focus only on the Indian Languages and Indian People.

We focus only on the Indian Languages and Indian People.

Why we are called “Devnagri”?

Devnagri – this word echoes with the heart and minds of Indians. Most of our languages have writing systems which descend from this ancient script. And it is through Devnagri, that we wish to see the smiles and enable our friends, family and countrymen.