how devnagri works




AI and Machine learning

Powered by AI and sponsored by the minds of Human, Devnagri is a professional translation platform. The tool combines the human knowledge with AI skills to give a 100% satisfactory result.


All Format Acceptance

Devangri is a complete tool which understands the following localization formats –
.po, .pot, .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .resw, .resx, .xml, .strings, .properties, .json, .stringdict, .ini


Our Translators

All our professional translators are of Indian origin and authentic native speakers who will only serve you with best ever possible translations for Indian languages.


We Translate

Transforming the industry, we are an online professional translation service platform with power-packed combination of A.I. and Human Expertise. An online translators company, Devnagri has a modern interface which is smooth, fast, competitive and comes with an assured quality in conversions. The commitment and consistency can be observed in our work.


We Proofread

Once the content is translated by our A.I., we take your translation to next level where it undergoes the justification process under the guidance of a human. We check for every punctuation, spelling or grammatical mistakes, if any. With separate expert proofreaders for every language, we do ensure the qualitative style or any adaptations needed to it as per the regional audiences.


We update real-time

With our translation tool, we have eliminated all the possible concerns for everyone, such as the timely delivery and updates on the work done during the project etc. Therefore, with our translation services, you should not have to worry anymore regarding the work updates, as it will be updated to you on a regular basis.


Smart Platform

Our direct communication policy helps you and your team in saving hours of struggle while communicating among themselves. With a track record of every single string with the comment, things become extremely easy for review.


Developer Friendly

The availability of GitHub and Bitbucket enables an effortless management of files. Also, the data
communication, as well as the optimization, can be easily carried out between our localization platform, Devnagri and GitHub or Bitbucket.


Workflow Optimization

From the homework to the final submission, our translation tool effortlessly administers the end-to-end localization. Supporting multiple Indian languages and integrating directly to Android and IOS, we keep you focused and ensure impeccable translation.

Our Translators

Localization, Translation and reachability – Assured!

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Domain expertise

India and its people come with a huge diversity which isn’t found anywhere else in the world. With the domain experts of Devnagri, get your business connected to this country of breath-taking diversity. Match the tone of your product with the Indian culture and establish an unbreakable bond with your potential audience.

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Words from every language

Every language comes with a unique aura and as such demands special attention. To be the right marksman in this instance, a team of well-furnished experts has backed Devnagri. Accepting files in 18+ file formats, the system of Devnagri is an AI driven tool which allows an intelligent way of translation.

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Indianized Quality

A work with even the slightest of quality compromise ruins its real essence. At Devnagri, we deeply understand it, hence, our In-house Translator never fails to give the most Indianized form of translation to the clients. Having a large number of language experts, the translated content even gets authenticated twice by our well-known Proofreaders. We, therefore, never compromise the quality and its context.