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[:en]Documents are used mostly for maintaining records and sharing knowledge about different things. The formated notes has helped in bringing the society at the level it is currently on. Economy, education and many other vital bodies contributing to the society have docs as the integral part of their operations. Online document translation services catered by Devnagri can help in scoring the quality professional interpretation in Indian languages.

Different Kind of Documents That We Translate Are:
Annual reports
Auditor’s reports
Bank Statements
Business documents
Business Plans
Company profile
Digital Content
E-learning courses
Electronic Media Content
Equity Research translation
Financial reporting
Insurance Marketing
Internal Communications
Macroeconomic Survey
Marketing materials
Posts on Social Networks
Product specifications
Publications and Journals
Reports and Analyses
Shareholder Information
Software help documents
How it Works?
The process of making the doc multilingual require a couple of steps. The complete mechanism is explained further:

Joining Devnagri

The user must have an account at Devnagri to get the work done. Simple signup option can be used.

Creating a Project
Every business deal is taken as a project in case of interpretation at our platform. The client shall create a project and fill all the relevant details carefully. These details may include the language pair, industry the project relates to, etc.

Upload file
The user will upload the file for the completion of the process from his end
Once the price plan is chosen and order is placed, a professional from same field is deployed to work and present the result within shortest time duration. Proofreading is also done by the reviewer before finally landing the project in client’s hand. The translated file can be downloaded in the language required. The files follow the same format as the they were uploaded in. User can even save the original file from his panel.

Professional Works Closely with AI:
To provide quick and reliable service in the sector of Indian language translation online, the human and machine resources work together at Devnagri. Our brilliant team has designed an AI system which is capable of storing the translation on of the project along with other details such as nature of project etc. The same work re-appears on the panel if the project is repeated the next time from the same field. It brings down the cost and time for the conversion. The client finds the solution reliable and far more economic than any other company in same stream. Along with this the real time track helps in getting the knowledge of the exact amount of work completed. Thus, giving an estimation for the project completion.

User can check the online service and quality along with price and planning. We cater the best professional support available in Indian language localization service online.

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