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Mobile applications has bridged a wide gap between user and service provider, but without its localization and Translation it is still inaccessible to the actual percentage of market. Why is it important? In India, apps localized and translated get 86% more response then compared to non-translated apps. Diversified customers feel free and connected to the apps that serve in their natal language. Devnagri is a platform which can align with the app and can help in mobile app translation with services in India removing any haze to convert the app it different files and then sending it for the completing the process. Both Android and iOS app files can be uploaded on the platform and appropriate conversion can be downloaded with same format. It is developer friendly as well, they can integrate its API and get the work done even while the app is in development mode. To get better client response and diversifying the app user just need to do few clicks and the process app location service shall complete with in no time.

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