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Why Devnagri?

The world is embracing the power of mobile technology. Mobile apps are trending in local and international markets. The increase in mobile app usage along with rapid penetration of the same worldwide has opened new doors of opportunity. The mobile app economy is expected to double up its size in the coming years.

Mobile app localization is one of the most lucrative methods to capitalize on the growth and utilize technology to the fullest. Mobile app localization can maximize your reach, augment the visibility of your app and maximize its reach.

Translating your mobile app and localizing it as per the target audience can reap great results. It can boost your rankings on the app store, amplify downloads and increase revenue.

Devnagri uses the right set of skills, technical expertise and AI-based platforms to localize your app into different languages. Our Mobile app localization solution is available in regional languages like Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Punjabi and other Indian languages.

What is mobile app localization?

Mobile app localization is the process of adapting an app interface, functionality and language to suit international and regional markets.

The Mobile app localization takes into consideration various linguistic, cultural as well as technical differences.

  • It doesn’t change the intent, meaning or message of the original content
  • It ensures that the localization content is correct and as per the target language
Mobile app localization enables a business to expand its audience base and leverage technology to the fullest.

The benefits of localization

The majority of the apps available on the app store are localized to attract users and boost their downloads. The humongous reach of popular app stores has made it imperative for your mobile app developers to ensure optimal mobile app localization for better market reach.

Advantages of mobile app localization

Enhances user experience

The intense competition in digital markets and immense exposure has made it difficult for the apps to stand out of the clutter. With proper localization, one can make the app shine and connect with the target audience. It encourages user interaction and creates brand value. Mobile app localization can lead to positive results, enhance the user experience and foster  growth.

Increase app searchability

The app and play stores like Google Play Store and Apple store allow one to localize the App listing for better visibility and discoverability . Thus, when you localize your App there are greater chances that your App will appear on top. Moreover, the message or communication in the native language can work as a driving force leading to more downloads.

More engagement

One of the best and surest ways to increase the downloads of your app is by localizing it to get closer to your target audience. This leads to an increase in engagement and thus lowering the uninstalls. Several studies have stated that localizing your app content and interface as per the target markets can increase downloads by more than 128% and reduce uninstalls by 30%.

Devnagri app localization solutions

Devnagri offers easy, affordable, instant and smart mobile app localization solutions. Our AI-powered platform enables us to effortlessly localize your app in various native languages as per the target markets.

Types of app localization
  • Ecommerce app localization
  • Gaming app localization
  • eLearning app localization
  • OTT app localization
  • Media app localization
  • Fintech app localization
Translation management system (TMS)
  • Automated AI-based translation process and system
  • Track your content on a real-time basis on our customized dashboard
  • Smart and user-friendly interface
  • Streamlined reporting
Localization project management Expertise
  • Comprehensive translation project management covering every aspect of your app
  • Efficient, high-quality and meaningful Mobile app localization

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