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Machine Translation Engine

Our fully automated machine translation offers great flexibility to the user. It allows you to get the desired translation done with the utmost accuracy and preciseness. Now you can translate the paragraphs, passages, and sections of swathes in the least possible time with the Devnagri Neural Machine Translation (DNMT).

The Devnagri machine translation process

The Devnagri Neural Machine Translation (DNMT) is done in closed systems with encrypted transfers. Based on the company terminology and subject, we can also train the machine to fit your exact needs. The high-level model of neural machine translation processes a translation by performing a superior level of abstractions into data and attempting to capture huge data or context before translating them. The result of DNMT is exceptional. It is flawless, more authentic, and human-sounding output. The quality of translation with neural networks is excellent.

How does machine translation work?

Devnagri is one of the most reputed and finest names in neural machine translation. We have the best machine translation engine in Indian languages to get meaningful and exact translations. We aim at reducing the errors and quality issues that one often encounters using translations from humans. Our system is intricately designed and consists of advanced algorithms to bring contextual results meticulously.

Our systems are embedded with advanced features and a simple interface to provide the quality outcome to our patrons. Every time a sentence is corrected our system acknowledges the same, upgrades itself, and produces better results next time. The  DNMT generates results based on the domain of the content. The contextual results are meaningful and well-synchronized.

A trained engine in various language combinations

Our systems are trained with the texts, references, contexts, phrases, and terminologies that are specific to your business/domain. The specially trained engine in multiple language combinations is thoughtfully designed to ensure the results generated are in tandem with the training materials and a top-notch quality translation is achieved.
A trained engine in various language combinations ​

When to use DNMT and when to avoid it

Neural Machine Translation provides an instant, comprehensive and logical understanding of the document. The trained machine is a seamless fusion of exactness, cost-effective translation, and quality output. The thoughtfully made and smartly trained machine can capture the context of the full text prior to commencing the translation. However, machine translations can not beat professional human translations.

The advantages of DNMT

The ergonomic features and layout setting of the neural machine translation ensures that the layout of the text is retained and no change is caused to it during the translation process. The neural machine translation is lightning fast. In a fraction of a second you can get contextual results for large sentences and phrases with utmost accuracy.


Meet your translation needs with our flexible and custom neural machine translation.
Retained layout
The original layout of the file is retained, thus no more editing post the translation.
Quick turnaround
The lead time is exceptionally short. The translation is done immediately.
High security
Data transfer is done via a secure HTTPS connection. No files or text are saved in DNMT.

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