Why Devnagri

Why Devnagri?


“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, it goes to his head
If you talk to man in his language, it goes to his heart.”

– Nelson Mandela

DEVNAGRI helps businesses reach billions of hearts.

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We translate, We proofread & We deliver on time

Transforming the translation industry, we are a unique Indian language localization service platform which is capable of providing conversions with a power-packed combination of A.I. and human Expertise. Once the content is translated, we take your translation to next level where it undergoes the justification process under the guidance of a human and then deliver it on time.

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We help Localize Mobile Apps

Apps have become a part and parcel of our lives and with 1.25 Billion increasing population, we are never sure who might be trying to reach us in our business. The customer base can only be built strong with app localization which is easily achievable on our platform.

We Help Localize Web Apps

A website is a platform that attracts the audience and gives your brand a global recognition. But with no localized approach, very few global audience connection is established. With Devnagri, imply the importance of translation to your website and establish a humongous customer base.

Optimize & launch in multiple Indian languages

Devnagri support smooth and cost-effective English to Kannad and other Indian language translation process of your website.

Same domain but different language

Now showcase your site into multiple Indian languages on the same domain.

We respect every domain’s integrity

Whether it is an e-commerce storefront or an informational hub, Devnagri’s experts always maintain the domain’s integrity and ensure adaptability for global market.

The world starts with localization. When is your business?

Start localizing your app today and reach every mobile with ease.

Get app localization of any genre

Be it an action gaming app or an educational app, we got translators for every domain.

Support on the go

With our swift work-flow, our support never fades out to reach customer for Kannad and other language translation service in India.