[:en]The business is growing at a faster rate and so is the competition for the products & services provider in the market. Building better mobile application is not the only solution, catering the same in multiple languages is also necessary. It is high time that the users have been using a monolingual app and now they need a change so that they could be served better. Market size is expanding in every area of the world, cities even to urban areas. 

To give focus on the customer of every location it is very important to implement new methods and one it is: mobile application translation

There possibilities of many questions such as why to implement it? how will it get implemented? Here, the solution with the steps involved in planning and execution provided with the reason favoring it.

How to strategies Mobile Application Translation?

Already working application or upcoming mobile app can really use this strategy. It one way to make the users comfortable with the functionalities and accessibilities. For this there are a few steps involved, details are mentioned here after:

    • Setting the Strategy
      While even thinking about getting data translated there must be number of questions running through the mind such as: Whom to hire? How the data will be given & uploaded in the application? And many more. It is very crucial to set the parameters in order to get the relevant output with a particular timeline.

      • Market Research
        The first step of setting the strategy should be of doing market research. The best translators, the way they translate and all should be learned well.
      • Proof Of Concept
        The research practice may require another step testing the concept for your app. Before final application localization in number of languages check for any one language and the reaction of the users.
      • Competitor Analysis
        The market change highly depend on competitors move. Check the progress made by the competition in the translation world. Are they working of localization of their app? How has market responded to their translation move.
      • Selection of the Languages
        Analyse the number of users according to the geographical mapping and select the localization for the areas where maximum users of the app exist in current running.
      • Setting the Pre-Market Launch Promotions
        Create a buzz of upcoming feature in the local markets in order to make it an attractive initiation with the product and service for the users. This will improve the reaction of the users at the actual time of launch.
  • Fixing The Budget
    It is a possibility that the experts for different languages may charge differently. To avoid this a strategy has to be set in operation. The main aim should be to get the best quality and speed within the minimum costing.

    • Finding the rates
      The market is full of vendors and freelancers for different languages, get to the deep study understanding the costing they are mapping. Understand the process and operational time along with the charges asked. This will help in bringing the cost down and get the knowledge about where the money is being invested.
    • Selecting a translation community
      The budget can be brought down while researching about the groups that can translate the bulk content. The communities are really good resources of getting multiple lingual support with definitive budget.
    • Getting the timeline for the investment
      For any business time is a quantitative costing that needs to be invested carefully. Thus giving work to any vendor should be quantitatively judged on the basis of time as well. Look for the resources where the timeline justification could be observed.
  • Choosing Between Online & Offline Translators for the Mobile Application
    Another crucial step that adds in the process of translation is selecting between the service providers available online and offline. Selection has to be perfect according to the need with process such as:

    • In-house Translation
      User can hire the team and get the work done from their own office. This can be a bit tricky if the localization process is not for the long duration. If the task is repetitive and long term then full-time employees are the best options as they will work dedicatedly for the single app and will learn the USP’s of the app which will help in delivering a better quality.
    • Outsource Translation
      Handing over the task to the agency or freelancer can be another mode. This saves the cost over the infrastructure and can be a good measure if the process is not for the long duration or if there are a limited number of words.
    • Using Technology
      There can be another way of getting work done with a feel of house work environment that online translation. There are different tools available online such as Devnagri, where the user can check the translation progress online on different language in real time. This helps in knowing the progressive work being done and with that there is a assurity of quality as user can comment for any miss-translation.
  • Multilingual ASO Strategy
    The app translation process is not limited to the working application. User needs to get the app store content translated as well. It will increase the response and grading on app stores.
    Basically, to be top most searchable application of any neeche it is important to have vernacular strength. In this way when app store is optimized it becomes easy for the native language users to search for the application and install it.
    Short and long description along with keywords can be translated and optimized to perform better.

Translation Management System

Online translation management system is the new approach for getting mobile app translation from global experts. Devnagri is one of the best sustainable systems to manage the different translators and getting the quality work. There are different reasons that support Devnagri being one of the most recommended TMS’s:

Availability of Online Translators Community

Online certified translators can be found on Devnagri. It is one of the most unique qualities of the platform. The user can easily send the requirement for the work in different languages and get the support of the experts available online with Devnagri.

Consistent Costing

The best rated lingual experts are available in bulk at a constant rate on Devnagri. This means that the user need not pay exclusively for the different language translation. Bulk content gets translated at one pricing thus saving a lot on complete operation.


Glossary is the feature attached with Devnagri, the platform provides a quality translation with the glossary uploaded by the client. All the unique words can be mentioned in a file and the words get locked on translation screen.

Privacy & Security

The content uploaded by the client is secured as in no translator can claim it. The content remains on the platform and no compressed file is transferred to any translator thus avoiding privacy issues on translated content. The security concern is really important for different industry content.

Ai Powered

Along with manual expertise the machine expertise are attached on Devnagri. The content gets a better support with translation available from different top most automated translation platforms.

Translation Memory

It is another part of AI system where all the translation are stored and advised to the user when the similar work order of the industry appears. This helps in saving cost on the repetitive translation.

Real time Tracking

It is easy to track the progress of the order placed on Devnagri. The real time track helps the user to estimate the time of completion of the project and plan other activities accordingly.

Thus, Devnagri can be a real potential source of getting mobile app localized for the newcomer as well as for the old running apps. It is a single powerful tool to have indian and international language translation from 2300+ translators along with AI support.


Mobile application translation is an important step in order to cope up with increasing competition. Also, it makes the application user friendly. The access to different options of the app becomes better for the users. The targeted pages can be easily approached and operations become easy. Thus, it is recommended to plan the translation activity and implement it as soon as possible in order to be a leader in a highly competitive market over the internet. [:]

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