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Mobile App Translation

[:en]The business world is dynamic. Two or three decades ago, a business didn’t need an online presence. Until a few years back, a renowned brand interacted with its customers through websites. Now, it is the age of mobile applications. Given the trajectory of these developments, no one can guess what’s next! But for now, it is imperative for a company to have a well functioning mobile application to reach out to a more prominent customer base. With smartphones penetrating our world of technology, it is just not justified for a business to not have a mobile application of their own.

An individual is connected to his or her phone. Most people prefer to access mobile applications for availing services of any company. This only makes sense as mobile phones are easy to access and portable. In such an integrated smartphone world, if your business wants to be more connected to its customers, then you should make use of mobile app translation services. You will often find the businesses around you focusing on web and multimedia localization to reach a varied and vast customer base. Keeping in mind that it is a good practice to optimize the company’s website for better reach, a company shouldn’t neglect the optimization of its mobile application for achieving the same goal.

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What is mobile application translation?

Mobile application translation is a service provided by many translators and translation agencies which include optimization of a mobile application in a linguistic and cultural way. It doesn’t mean making an app available to its users and potential users in their language.

But also, it covers the unique cultural nuances of the area concerned and aligns the content and the layout in a similar way. The payment gateways, the currency used, addresses or phone numbers mentioned, everything should be optimized. It should basically feel as if the application was originally made for the people of the concerned area.

Now it may sound reasonably similar to website localization. But, you need to understand that the techniques applied for website localization won’t work for a mobile application.

How are mobile and website localization different? 

Starting from basics, the medium used for accessing a website and mobile application are different. Moreover, the mobile applications don’t enjoy the space of a large screen as a website does. Thus the arrangement and the layout for a mobile application is inherently different from that of a website.

The UI/UX of a mobile application is entirely different from that of a website. Therefore, you can’t just copy-paste the changes made on the website to your mobile application. It is necessary to hire a full-fledged mobile app translation services agency to achieve more accurate results.

Elements to be considered before mobile app translation 

  • Native or Hybrid application: Before starting with the optimization, you need to identify if the application is native; i.e., built for a particular OS or is a hybrid one which is built for varied OS using different coding languages. This will affect the backend formalities of the translation.
  • The APIs: The Application Programming Interface has to be identified as it defines the kind of calls or requests which can be made in the application. It also defines the conventions to be followed or the data format to be used.

Other than these, aspects related to the storage capacity or security concerns should be considered too.

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Why should you consider Mobile app translation? 

Appear better in the app store: A localized and translated version of a mobile application is more likely to be noticed by the people from the Google Play Store and iTunes app store. The translation increases your visibility and searchability. Once people see that an app is catering to them in their local language, it is likely that they will avail the company’s services.

The enhanced experience: Your business just doesn’t sell a product or a service but also sells the brand itself. To be in the favorable books of your target customer, you need to focus on creating a seamless and interactive experience for your global clients. Usage of appropriate language and nuances of their culture is one way to go about it.

Boost downloads: There are over 2.96 million apps on Google play store alone. When your business is competing with these many apps, you need to make sure your application is localized and ready for good user experience. If once downloaded, you need to ensure it works to serve the customers efficiently.

Things to remember before choosing a mobile app translation agency 

A good localization agency will always understand that it is not just about the translation of the content from one language to another. But also, a complex technique of optimizing the content in such a way that the customer feels at home while using the application. The market is booming with many mobile app translation agencies. You should go to a renowned one with a good track record.

  • Check their previous works: Before selecting an agency to handle your localization needs, do a background check and see how their previous projects are performing in the market. You can also connect with their previous clients and understand how their service helped them in increasing their numbers.
  • The efficiency of the backend team: As discussed earlier, mobile app translation is not just about translation but also requires a lot of backend changes too. Have a discussion with the agency to check the diversity of their team ranging from translators to software engineers. See how they manage and run a project.
  • Compare the costs: The complex procedure of localization is a good investment for your business. But ensure that an agency doesn’t charge you an unreasonable price for the same. Consult with market experts and get online quotations from varied sources to make a wise and cost-effective decision.

To conclude

When a business puts its resources to expand its reach to new markets, it is taking a risk as the outcome can be either favorable or unfavorable. Thus, you need to employ everything in your reach to make it a success. If you make use of mobile app translation and other kinds of localization, the chances of your brand tapping new markets and forming new customer base are immense. Devnagri is one such agency which provides these services for your business’s localization needs.[:]

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