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Doing translations is very easy with Devnagri. We support different file formats & languages for conversion. You can order with simple steps.


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Localization platform That even developers love

Devnagri Platform can help developers to work on the GO. Our CLI system helps in direct integration of the translated data to the application. Thus, make it simple to use for developers.

Web Translation

Website & application translation

Document Translation

TXT, PDF, DOC, etc

Subtitle Translation

.srt with proper synch

Mobile App Translation

.apk, .strings, .po, etc

Simple Vernacular Services

Easy way to make your product and service available in vernacular for your customers. Make a smart move with the AI-powered platform. Instant real-time tracking makes it easy to check the progress and plan further operations. Our platform is one that makes it easy for the clients to get bulk content converted at economic costing.


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