Language is an important factor in establishing trust, especially for a business. With globalization helping businesses cross borders, the need for translation is more significant than ever. A lot of your international clients, employees and partners will not have English as their first language and would not be comfortable interacting in it. To appeal to these non English speakers, you need to invest in translation services. Such professionals can help you with accurate English to Punjabi translation and a variety of other languages. This type of translation can help you gain a hold of a wider audience and expand the reach of your business.

English To Punjabi Translation

The Punjabi language comes from the state of Punjab. The language is one of the most common ones spoken in the Northern part of the country. The language is one of the country’s official languages and is primarily spoken by the followers of Sikhism. Accurate translation to Punjabi can help your business gain the attention of the native audience. This type of translation can only be performed by speakers of the language who are well-versed with the language.

If you require English to Punjabi translation, only trust a translation service with a team of experienced professionals. You need to hire translators who are skilled in both languages. This is important for the accuracy of the translated text. Hiring a reliable service for all your translation needs can help your business stay on top of the game by getting access to a wider audience.

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Need For Regional Language Translation

A lot of international businesses are now expanding their operations to India. Since a lot of the population is not proficient in English, these businesses are translating their content into regional languages. The reasons why translation is of such tremendous importance are-

· The comfort of the users- Users get more comfortable in interacting with your brand if you use their regional language. They are more likely to make purchases when the business is credible and makes an effort to interact in their own language.
· Creates trust- If you wish to gain the trust of someone, you have to appeal to them. This can be done easily by interacting with them in their language.
· Wider reach- By translating text and other aspects of a business into regional languages like Punjabi, you can expand your business’ reach.
· Generate more profit- When more people pay attention to your products and services, your sales are automatically scaled up.
· Smooth operation- Being multilingual helps in the smooth execution of daily operations. All the stakeholders are able to communicate better in the regional languages, which improves the overall functioning of the business.
· Competitive advantage- You can stay ahead of all your competitors by translating to various regional languages.

Neglecting other languages could put you at the risk of losing potential customers who only speak the native language of the region. To gain the attention of more people and communicate efficiently with the regional audience, you need to localize your business into their language.

Translating to a regional language

It is not only important to change the language of your content. You have to alter it to make it more relevant for the local audience. When translating to a regional language, several things have to be kept in mind.

· It is extremely critical for a translator to pay attention to the nuances of the language.
· All the likes and dislikes of the regional audience have to be incorporated in the English to Punjabi translation.
· Accuracy of the translated text is extremely critical to gain a good first impression.
· The tone and the original intent of the content should not get lost during translation.
· All the images and other media also has to be adapted according to the targeted audience.
Only a reliable service can provide translation solutions that match the above mentioned criteria.

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What Are The Various Translation Services?

There is a wide variety of translation services that you can avail. The various types of translation services that you can avail include-

· Website localization– This involves adapting the language, design and layout of a website to match the liking of a regional audience.
· Document translation– This involves translating important documents for businesses and individuals accurately.
· Media translation– Media content has to be adapted as per the target audience as well.
· Legal translation– Legal translation requires professionals who are not only expert in the language but are also aware of the laws of the region.
· Voice over translation– Providing Voice overs for the video content also requires the help of an efficient translation service.
· Transcription- You can also get written transcripts in the desired language for audios.
· Subtitle translation– Various e-learning videos, corporate videos, interviews etc. require subtitles to be translated into regional languages.
· E-book translation- E-books and other learning resources can be translated into regional languages to widen their reach.

You can avail these services for English to Punjabi translation by getting in touch with an experienced translator. All these types of translations provide your business with a competitive advantage by drawing more people to you. Whenever you choose a translation service, make sure they provide accurate translation within the specified time period.

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How To Choose A Translator?

There are a large number of translation services available. But you need to choose the best one for your localization needs. Make sure that the translator that you hire matches all the requirements mentioned below-

· Expertise- Linguistic expertise is the most important thing to consider when choosing a translation service. The translator should have several years of experience and should be well-versed with both the source and the target language to avoid any errors.
· Variety- The translation service should have expertise in a variety of regional languages. This versatility can make expansion to a multilingual country like India easier and quicker.
· Speed- The translator should be able to provide the services within the promised time period. Choose a platform that is capable of meeting deadlines.
· Accuracy- It is important to go with a well-trusted service to ensure that the translation you get is free of any errors. An efficient translation service is extremely important for the functioning of any business in an international marketplace.
· Industry-specific knowledge- Certain aspects of translation, such as legal translation, require the help of professionals with extensive knowledge of the field. This is important to avoid any technical error in translation.

One Platform For All Your Translation Needs

As more companies are setting their operation in India, the need for translating to regional languages like Punjabi has become pertinent. If you need a single platform that provides translation to various Indian and international languages, Devnagri is the answer for you. This is an AI-powered platform that provides translation to various regional languages including Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Odia, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada etc.

You can trust the expert translators at Devnagri to provide you with the most accurate English to Punjabi translation within no time. These experts have industry experience and are well-versed with the target and the source language. Such an expert translation service can help you convey your message to the audience accurately.