Language is an essential part of life. There are many countries and states in the world that have their language, and knowing the language of the region you live in is very important. It gives a personal touch on your way of communication. It also makes you and others feel that you are the part of that region, but since India is a vast country with so many different states and regional languages, you cannot possibly master all those languages.

In India and the whole world, there are more than 44 million speakers of Kannada called Kannadigas. If you want to communicate with them, all you will need the help of a good organization that will provide you with the service of doing translation from English to Kannada.

Kannada, also called Kanarese or Kannana, is the official language of Karnataka, which is in southern India. This language is also spoken in different countries around the world because people speaking Kannada are all over the world, like other cultures and languages. If you wish to expand your business in Karnataka or any other Kannada speaking states, then English to Kannada translation becomes very vital. You cannot be dependent on online tools to do your English to Kannada translation because they are full of errors.

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Why English to Kannada translation essential for business? 

In the new modern world, businesses are shooting through the roofs on a global scale. Innovation is in the air, and all the companies are adapting to it. All the companies nowadays want to give their target audience a personal feel to keep their target audience connected to their brands or services.

If you are hoping to elaborate your business by targeting the Karnataka population, then you will have to get the best company that will provide you with English to Kannada translation, whether it is a legal document, an important announcement or launch of a new product. You need a great company to offer you error-free English to Kannada translation service. Here are a few reasons why you need a company to provide you with an error-free English to Kannada translation service in your business.

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Trade successfully in Kannada regions

Connecting with your targeted audience in their regional language is very important because they get a personal feel. They will like your business and will be more willing to buy your new products and services. In today’s world, the internet is the best and cheapest way to get to your targeted audience.

If you are targeting Kannada speaking audiences and if they came to your website and did not understand, a single word of what you are offering, then all your effort and money that you spent in taking your business to new peaks will be in vain. It is essential that what products and services you are offering the prospect must find it understandable and clear.

Therefore, if until now you have tried to communicate with the Kannada audience in English, then it’s the right time for you to step up and get in contact with a good company that provides you with English to Kannada translation error-free.

This will assist you in trading successfully with Kannada regions and giving your business a boost that you were looking for. This will also increase the trust of your audience in your company, and your audience will not go anywhere and would always love your platform.

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Enhance your brand visibility

If you have spent a lot of money in marketing and advertising about your business and still have not obtained the desired results, then it is time for you to give a check on the medium you are using to communicate with your audience.

If you are targeting your Kannada audience advertising about your products or services in Hindi, English or any other language to them, which they do not speak and do not understand, then they will not be able to understand either company, products or services. You will only get your audience’s trust and loyalty when you communicate with them in their language that they easily understand.

For example, if your company launches a face wash that has all the potent blend of natural ingredients and herbs but you cannot communicate the positives of your product in the language that your targeted prospects speaks or understands.

In this situation, will they buy a product? You need to be quite specific to target your audience in their regional language to enhance brand visibility.

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Avoids bad reputation

You are going to get a huge shock when you hear about the famous marketing slip-offs. KFC translated its most famous tagline “Finger Lickin Good” in China to “You’ll eat your finger” even Pepsi changed their famous tagline “Come alive with Pepsi” to “Pepsi can even bring your ancestors back from deathbed’. This was done in China so people can associate with their company taglines as well as the company’s product or service.

There are many cases when a company has to present some legal documents in the regional language of the state or country to operate their business successfully in the country or state, but what if the legal documents presented by you are full of errors and wrong. This would be such a big question mark on the authenticity of your business in that state or country.

Thus, it is essential that when you communicate with the Kannadigas, you should only choose the regional language Kannada or Kannada. Many times, it happens when you are talking about the efficiency and benefits of your new products and services to your targeted audience; still, they do not understand a single benefit you just told them. Then this might make them take the information in a completely wrong way. That may tarnish and make a bad reputation for your company. 

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So now, you know how vital it is to hire a good translation company so they can provide you with the English to Kannada translation error-free services. It is essential if you are planning to expand your business in Karnataka or other Kannada regions or states. Do not ever compromise in this factor because this may deteriorate the rate of your success and would lessen the brand value of your company.

It can also tarnish the well-made reputation image of your company in many complex cases and situations. Make your targeted audience feel like they are buying products from their region. When you communicate with your targeted audience in their regional language, they will be emotionally attached to the company, products, or services.

It is also very important to keep in mind to not hire individual candidates or do it by yourself by using online translation tools to convert the legal documents, product’s descriptions or service’s descriptions because the online translation tool will have a lot of errors and maybe some wrong claims in papers and that will be incorrect this may harshen the output of the work.

Another reason why you shouldn’t tell individuals candidates or you should not do it yourself is because the language translated by online translation tools will be very sophisticated and very robotic, so it will be tough to understand, and it will be very unnatural.