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Translation is one of the fastest-growing sectors. Brands and businesses have now understood the power of translation and the role it can play in driving more conversions. Thus, they are increasingly using modern translation solutions to accurately translate the website content into several regional languages. Devnagri on the Air (DOTA) is one of the modern platforms that enable one to quickly and efficiently translate website content. DOTA is an AI-led modern translation platform. It is intricately designed to efficiently meet the translation requirements of the websites and offer smart solutions.

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Breaking the language barriers with Artificial Intelligence

Devnagri on the Air (DOTA) offers translation solutions in more than 12 Indian regional languages. It helps business to serve their customers with a personalized experience. The thoughtful translation platform is designed after intense research. It is backed with state-of-the-art technology to enable brands and businesses to launch their multilingual websites in just a few minutes. DOTA is a brainchild of experts having immense knowledge and understanding of translation. It tactfully overcomes the limitation of conventional translation by redefining the translation process. Now brands and business can optimally localize their content and position their brand on a broader scale with Devnagri on the Air (DOTA) translation platform.

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Affordable translation solutions at your fingertips!

When it comes to translation using conventional methods, the time required to get the exact results is huge. Moreover, there is some possibility of errors too. However, the automated translation solutions are highly accurate and exact. They are bespoke and drafted taking into consideration the linguistic and language references. Devnagri on the Air (DOTA) is one of its kind of translation platform that does not require any sort of coding or technical skills. The business can swiftly convert its website to multiple languages in an instant with the help of this advanced translation platform. The affordable nature of Devnagri on the Air (DOTA) along with its smart features makes it the ideal choice for some of the leading-edge brands and businesses.

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The website and mobile app translation platform

Website and mobile app translation can enable one to reach to maximum audience and interact with them on a broader scale. Mobile app translation in regional languages can help one to make the mobile app more user-friendly. It can enhance the interaction level on the mobile app/website. Devnagri on the Air (DOTA) translates a website or a mobile app into more than 12 Indian regional languages. It can translate multiple pages of the website in an instant!

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Serve your audience in local languages with Devnagri on the Air (DOTA)

Business expansions are tricky and must be done with a lot of planning. One of the most crucial steps for the same is website translation. A website in multiple languages can be one of the easiest ways to increase communication with the target audience. Devnagri on the Air (DOTA) makes it convenient to grow the business on a regional scale.

The translation plug is easy to install and is available in various packages. The business can choose the desired package based on the features required and web analytics. Moreover, Devnagri on the Air (DOTA) allows one to translate all the content on the website into various regional languages. It not only makes your website more SEO optimized but also increases its discoverability too.

Thus, brands and businesses who wish to communicate greatly with their regional target audience can unlock the power and potential of DOTA to revolutionize their existing setup and leverage the benefits of regional language translation.

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