The world of ads has grown high in demand, every other business from every sector is going for it to develop a huge branding grounds. But in this rat chase, people are missing the concept of professional translation services, the use of correct language.

To make it hit directly your thoughts, imagine a scene where a woman from a village (not well-educated) is seeing an ad of a beauty on TV or in a local newspaper. She only gets the name of the product and nothing else because everything is a bouncer for her. Reason – the language used in the product or precisely lack of localization in the advertisement. This only indicates to the poor availability of document translation services available right now in India.

This what is happening in India and in the business. See, the art to reach a larger part of the audience is not just limited to the creativity of an ad but also with the language or more importantly the correct use larger part of the audience is not just limited to the creativity of an ad but also with the language or more importantly the correct use of language. The Indian translation industry has witnessed very poor professional translation services so far with no per-domain expertise availability. Hence, the ads we produce today, people see today only go to the smaller part of only to the educated class from the Tier-I cities but what about the Tier-II & III cities? It is not a rocket science to accept the fact that there is a large audience present out there in the rural India who needs to know what is happening in India and you can only make that possible when you start connecting their language.

The current state of document translation services in India –

it is as pathetic as the word “pathetic”. Yes, even the translators sitting in the agencies to do the translations are Indian but on-time delivery and 100% authenticity are wizard’s dish, an impossible task. Why? The only reason to support this crippled system is the non-availability of proper management and low importance for localization. These aren’t just high terms for professional translation services but the actual needs.

Any preferred professional translation services?

Talking about the best and professional translation services when there is a hell lot of scarcity in India is like catching a fish in the sky. Not possible right! Therefore, in this rat race of translation, some of the innovative and “out of the box” thinkers created India’s first organized translation tool, Devnagri. Now to all those voids that you were seeing in translation, authenticity and timely delivery will vanish in a wink. Yes, that’s as clear as the water!

Devnagri with AI – technology and the innovative minds of Indian translators/ reviewers have made the dream for timely delivery and 100% authenticity a reality. Further, the tool comes with per-domain translators which means that if your doc file contains the word “home”, the translation of the word will be done as per the choice of your domain. Hence, no more irrelevant translations. Also, the “no-rework” on repetitive words is what makes Devangri the only professional translation service provider in India.