“The world only progresses when its people progress and people grow when the communication grows stronger.”

When we all know this simple fact then why are we still stuck in the dominated loophole of one language?

A country with 1000 + local languages, 22 + national languages but still the dominance of a language which isn’t from the nation. Now, imagine the obstacles Indians have to go through in their daily lives? Because the last time you visited an ATM, it was a very common and usual sight for you to find a man struggling with the ATM machine or asking for the help, quoting the fact that asking for anyone’s help isn’t correct during the making of any transaction. Then how can we have just one language so much everywhere that we add one more trouble to an Indian’s life?

“Devnagri, the one-hold solution to at least one such”

Yes, the year 2018 is all about putting a full stop to the troubles we are facing because India isn’t just our country but a motherland, a land of diversity. Therefore, the introduction of Devnagri, an AI-backed translation tool is everything the translation services in India need today. Not just the Indian Translators but every Indian who is into business or using the services will be profiting from this. Money making?

Well, that’s such an old school, although a necessary one but its more into spreading smiles on every Indian face. This is not just for a single interest but a collective effort characterized by a bunch of innovative Indians who wanted to make the #digitalIndia smile. Along with the artificial intelligence, the human touch makes this tool a must-have platform for your business.

Why Devnagri?

The entire concept of Devnagri rest with making the doc files or web/ app files multilinguistic because why not, its India. And not only just multilingualism, Devnagri aims at motivating the developers, businesses and start-ups. The tool is itself a good justification towards making people understand the true meaning of “what happens after you start translating into multiple languages”. Being a free tool, there is no hidden terms and condition with the tool and hence the transparency carried the tool helps in developing as well as maintaining the trust factor.

What happens with Devnagri?

Although, the final crux with India’s first translation tool is to have 100% genuine translations and the constructive infrastructure of the tool is yet another example of impeccable innovation from Indians which honors the diversity of the country as well as its people. With the per-domain translators and reviewers, you never have to worry about the specific words which you have to use in your field of work. Also, there is no need to translate the repetitive words because Artifical Intelligence is intelligent enough to identify the repetitive words and make your translation job an affair of quickness.

What, you still worry about the Translation services in India?
Better not because, again Devnagri!