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[:en]Devnagri is striving to provide the standard service of the localization and translation of script and manuals in Indian languages from English. The quality work in the vernacular stream is being appreciated by all.

Scripts and manuals are being translated as rise in the demand of the user and service in this sector is catered by Devnagri for English to Indian language transition. The original form is important, exact dialogues and format should not be loose its taste with another version thus translation is really important.

Manual translation service is another trending area for the product and other guidelines. It is the part of branding and Devnagri makes it sure that the conversion meets the quality standard of the company.

Script Translation Services

The localization makes it easy to keep the message in flow and also helps in extending the market brand to remote areas. Limited approach to the market and its people can be expanded easily using such factor. This means that the real product demand could be tested for the targeted audience.
Different Areas of script translation service are:
Television series
Documentary, Animated series
Corporate video

Manual Translation Services in India

Manuals, guides and handbooks are translated to cover the product and service guidelines in different languages keeping the message straight with same feel. This is an important part for any company which want its product to be understood by the audience without any involvement of the representative. The self-explained manuals work better when they turn vernacular and the professionals subject matter experts can help in creating different versions of the same file in Devnagri.

How Devnagri Works?

To place the order for the localization user can follow the given steps and get the desired output

Sign up/login at the devnagri platform
Create a new project for filling the requirement form
Fill the details including the desired languages in which the files are to be converted (you can add more than one language for the translation
Upload the files (note that the system supports more than 18 file formats)
Add glossary for the words that need not to be converted
Choose the order plan to get the desired output
Confirmation for the placed order will be received through email or notification.

The user can check the real-time progress and can comment if there is any issue or certain translation needs a revision.

After the translation is over the proof-reader will work according to the price plan chosen
Once the work is done, the user will be notified and will be able to download files with same format and various linguals as chosen while placing the order.

Devnagri is AI-powered tool that can help in manual and script translation services in India. The work done is quality guaranteed with double filtration using proofreaders. Technology supported our mechanism helps our client to save the cost on similar translation and makes the process economic. To make the macro-sized projects deliver within short duration we have the family of translators weaved under the first online community for Indian localizers.


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