Devnagri On The Air (DOTA)

Devnagri On The Air (DOTA) is a platform that translates your website or mobile app on the fly without any hassle. It saves time and helps in growing businesses. With DOTA, website launch in multiple languages is super easy. It helps you in reaching a mass audience effortlessly.

Want to see your website go local in seconds

Swiftly, effortlessly translate your website on the air

Devnagri On The Air (DOTA) is a platform that translates your website on the fly.

The platform enables your website to go multilingual in minutes, without any hassle. You don’t need to change anything at the code and infrastructure level. It’s just a plug and plays solution to go multilingual.

Devnagri On The Air (DOTA) makes your multilingual journey quick and easy.

Serve your customers in local languages

Don’t miss a chance to get new customers from Vernacular India. Devnagri On The Air (DOTA) helps you translate all the content of your website into Indian regional languages. Growing your business is equal to communicating with your audience. Communicate in the language of your customers.

Create SEO ready multilingual website

Now you can master the shortcomings posed by search engines and enhance the possibilities of your website being discovered in multiple languages. With Devnagri, you can make your website SEO ready and analyze your website.

No technical burden, No coding!

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Go live quickly without any hassle and enjoy your multilingual website

DOTA plans for growing businesses


₹ 4,000/– pm

(Billed annually)


₹ 8,000/– pm

(Billed annually)

Growth Plus

₹ 15,000/– pm

(Billed annually)


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Devnagri - your localization partner

Devnagri On The Air (DOTA) helps you localize at scale

Quality translations on the fly

Compatible with all tech stacks

Scale as you grow

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