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Devnagri has launched an appealing and distinct Independence Day offer valid for the duration of 3 months. This offer enables one to translate their website or mobile app into more than 12 Indian languages for free.

The process to avail of this offer is simple. All you need to do is just create a log-in on the official website of Devnagri. Then, integrate the DOTA (Devnagri On The Air) on your website or mobile application. Choose the regional language you want your content to be translated into and you are done. The advanced translation system will automatically translate the content on your website/ mobile application into the chosen regional language.

With the help of this Independence Day offer, Devnagri intends to spread awareness about the benefits of translation. The translation solution provider intends to simplify the translation process with the integration of artificial intelligence and neural machine translation. This independence day offer is their way of giving a tribute to the Indian regional languages and acknowledging their existence in the country.

Why you should translate your website into Regional Indian Language?

India is the land of languages, there are around 121 languages and more than 270 mother tongues in this country. Multiculturalism and diversity are one of the biggest strengths of India. The brands and businesses comprehend the potential of the regional markets and the humongous opportunities that dwell in this market. However, one cannot reach the regional markets without any barriers. There are several barriers and processes through which a brand and business have to pass in order to establish itself in the regional markets.

Targeting all the regional markets with a single language is not a wise market expansion strategy. Using a uniform language to communicate across the regional market may hinder the market penetration and make it difficult to establish a rapport with the local audience too. Translation solutions Can enable one to make the content market and audience-specific. It may eliminate the language and communication barriers.

Moreover, translation solutions can enable one to form a strong connection with the target audience. It can improve the credibility of the brands and businesses in the regional market and hold the interest of the audience.

AI-led translation solutions ensure to maintain the quality of the content. The new age translation tools and the system makes sure to maintain the intent of the content by taking into consideration the linguistic references, terminologies, and vocabulary of the language. AI-led translation solutions streamline the process of English to regional language translation.

Devnagri is one of the finest AI-led Translation solution providers in India. The translation expert has a wide network of native translators having immense knowledge and expertise in regional language translation. Devnagri comprehends the power of technology and the role it can play in streamlining the translation process. The AI integration with human skills has immensely refined the quality of translation and given Devnagri a Distinct edge. Devnagri envisions setting new milestones in the industry and providing innovative translation solutions. The translation expert aims at helping businesses overcome language barriers and leverage the opportunities in the regional markets.

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