Emerging Media Summit was organized by The Economics Times, Devnagri was a sponsorship partner and attended the event to be the part of the data driven online media industry.

Emerging Media Summit” was organised on 6th & 7th December, 2018 at Novotel, Mumbai. It was attended by many know dignitaries and startups working in media and online content industry including Devnagri. We as a team found the event quite a panacea in stream of media marketing.
Joined by marketeers, content providers, content delivery platforms, production houses, advertising agencies, policy makers, satellite service providers & media giants the event proved its worth by letting the people know about the trends that the data can set and the waves it is bringing in today’s world.

India And Growth of Digital Media
A lot of influence can be seen in different fields of Indian market due to the presence of digital media. From politics to medical each and every field has a worth weightage of digital media content to cater the citizens and it is further distributing the load in multilingual terms to make it more optimal and customer driven. Increasing percentage of Indian internet users has influenced the market to change its promotional strategies and the event made epiphany about it.

Special Event Conversation

Our team at the event got an opportunity to discuss about our objective and product with

Satya Raghavan, Head of Entertainment Content at YouTube India
SN Burman – Vice President – Tata Motors
Alok Srivastava – Managing Director – IoT, Southeast Asia & India – CISCO
Vivek Krishnani , MD Sony Pictures India
And other notable members.
The conversations made were quite interesting and plethora of facts came into light while discussing about vernacular stream.

Future Scopes For Devnagri
Such events keep us influenced and project that the objective chosen by us is in correct direction. Our work appreciations that we get in such events make us feel proud. We hope to be the part of more events where the vernacular startups such as our can get high influence and guidance. We shall keep posting about such events and our experience about the same.