RISE Conference 2018, Asia’s largest annual Tech meetup where more than 50000 people from over 170 countries gather. This year it was special for us at Devnagri, people from our the team were invited to not only to participate but to compete at the venue. This tech conference was a hub for products and services having AI as their backbone. Our team got highly motivated after being in the vicinity of so many like thinkers.

RISE Conference 2018 Hong Kong

RISE as a platform plays a vital role in getting mentors, fundings, other startups support/collaboration. As a venue, it was more like a fest for tech lovers, a huge platform, mass gathering, flawless ambiance. Once there it is all about motivation, observation, and recommendations. People come they process your product, feel what you felt as an importance to bring the idea to life. You get a lot of feedbacks, some; to enhance and add more functionalities while others about the complete platform. Our team was a part of this complete fest of three days and got a lot of appreciation for the productive work towards Indian community. It was the diverse hub of various countries looking at technology from different angles.

There was an absolute range of fantastic products ranging from medical to entertainment field with advancements using

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Robotics.

The participants proposed solutions for different kind of problems scaling variant in the society. Amazing inventions made us realize that we are aligned with the society that wants to reform and reshape the ways in which different things work around us.  

Devnagri On-Stage:

Out of 2500+ startups applying to present their product on RISE conference platform, only 70 were given the opportunity, Devnagri being lucky one among selected. Our team presented Devnagri on the very first day of the event, more than 2k live audience heard the importance and outcome of the product. It was the day when our efforts got a genuine appreciation, after giving a pitch there was no looking back. Every genuine lingual lover knew our name and our goal. We got a lot of appreciation, those who had faced the language barrier ever in their life readily greeted and tried to support our product with either showing possible opportunity of collaboration or by introducing us their fundraiser groups.

As a surprise to us, we were the only unique platform that participated in Indian Lingual field and was the only one who integrated AI to this facility. People didn’t know about how little percentage of Indians were really good with English and the low number was a something they never expected.

Our Achievement:

This event was really fruitful as we got a great percentage of mentors who were ready to enhance and make our product feature rich. We had a chance to collaborate with different business branched people who want to step into the Indian market. And we are holding high hopes of having a couple of good investors on board soon enough as there were a lot of appreciators in that group as well.

Three years early, one of our co-founder members attended this conference as an audience, this year we participated. Now, we are confident that we will enhance, modify and invent something more valuable in next coming years to be the part of RISE conference again.