ETbrandequity has organised an event named as India Communication Summit 2019 with the soul aim of staging the power of communication and networking with it impact on business branding. Devnagri is attending this event to utilize the opportunity of networking while discussing the impact of latest marketing trends with the decision makers.

Importance of Communication

Communication since a long time has been a medium of promoting and branding. The world has been practicing the same since the ancient times for different reasons. Today, the technology has advanced and new mechanism are being used for the communication and networking. Thus, in current era what all does it have as an impact on our brands and how to optimize for the best experience is what this event is going to address about.

The event shall discuss the current trends that are being followed in terms of communication and issues that are being staged in this format. This shall be a knowledgeable event addressing all the decision makers of various industries. Team Devnagri is obliged to be in the vicinity of such respected derogatories.

Devnagri At India Communication Summit 2019

Devnagri has been support multilingual communication and marketing strategy for brands and it was the main aim for the origin of the company. Thus, this event seems to be very important as in letting the industries have the knowledge about benefits of multilingual marketing and communication. We shall support and network with the companies interested in getting their products and services translated in Indian languages.

As India is a growing market where the brands from all over the world are investing and competing, it is important to use all the methodologies available to make the maximum impact on the market. Prevailing products and brands have scaled up using this medium and same shall be addressed in the event to encourage others in following this trend.

Speakers At The Event

Some of the noted members that will be attending this event as the speakers are:

  • Prabhu Chawla – Editorial Director, The New Indian Express Group
  • Amitabh Kant – CEO, NITI Aayog
  • Glenn Osaki – President, Asia MSL
  • Aakriti Bhargava – Co-Founder, Wizikey
  • Abhishek Roy – Lead, Corporate Communications. Magicbricks
  • Aishwarya Iyer – Director, Public Relations, Grofers

And many more.

Devnagri – Thoughts & Hopes About Event

Devnagri is hoping to see this event as a huge success and to have the chances of opening multiple communication and networking channels with the brands available at the place. We are positive about the future of this event and more to come in this line. It shall be a great joy for the team to have a participation and moments of sharing the thoughts with global representatives.