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[:en]Devnagri is an online translation service platform that helps in Indian language translation via software exclusively developed according to the needs for clients & translators.

India is a nation where every business idea gets a huge clientele base to woo towards it. Now, it depends upon the business owners strategies that can help in capturing the portion of the strength. At devnagri, we try to increase the chances of capturing the maximum portion of the Indian market by translating the complete product and service, its an elixir for the brands. Translation platform is a real necessity for the localization, it helps to map the gap that is usually between the service seeker and provider.

The aspects that evocate that our path chosen is correct are mentioned along with the facilities that we nurture under our wings. These will help in understanding the vital need of lingual transformation.

Why localization is a Need of India?
India is becoming a land of opportunities for different ideas. There are more than many reasons to suffice the need of localization that is driving the current country need:

Total Indian population constitute of more than 130 crore people. This number is too big to be captured in cent percent but any two digit percentage may result in a huge market value.

Number of Internet Users:
There are more than 50 crore people accessing internet on mobile phones in India. Another huge number of people connected via internet. Out of this population less than 10% are good in English. This means other 90% seek the knowledge of internet in their native languages.

Data Availability in Local Languages:
There is less than 1% of total content availability in Indian languages over the world of Internet. There are lot of sector in science, literature etc. that needs to be localized. Until and unless this is done, progress of Indians can never seek sharp spikes.

Upcoming Super Power
The nation as one is growing a lot and it is predicted that it will be the next big power over the globe. Once this is achieved the already established businesses shall see higher profit margins.

How Devnagri Supports?
Devnagri as said is a translation tool, a platform, a software which eases a lot of task at the client and translator ends. Those things that are hindering the merger of both the sectors are well identified and resolved. Some of the must know features are:
File formats
There are more than eighteen file formats that are accepted at our platform. We accept different files which are hard coded and the content portion is difficult to filter from the same.

Real Time Track
The client can track the task completed or in progress. The transparency catered help in planning the different activities based on lingual transformation.

With an intelligent AI embedded, the system becomes a value added service. The user need not to pay for the similar translations twice. This helps in saving the cost per word and ultimately gives more finances to plan different strategies.

Once with us user shall observe the higher growth rate in product and service marketing. We help in bringing the brands from Global to Local Markets.

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