People always follow the research and the facts but only the reality prevails in the end.

The count of towns and villages in India are beyond one’s imagination but they certainly outnumber the cities. It has become a tradition for the start-ups or MNCs or big companies to introduce their technology to metropolitan cities but no one has bothered to take them to tier –II and tier – III cities. Even if anyone has tried to reach such cities, they have always secured failure. Reason, the use of foreign languages or zero localized products. To utter surprise, it’s always the people from the town and villages who are blamed and the cause of this blame is – no or less education. But no one has ever wondered why they are less educated? Why the god damn products or services come in languages which they have never heard or spoken?

These are just the beginning question, if you share a moment with locals, you will never be able to fill them with answers. Apart from corruption, pollution or an any other “tion”, localization has come up as the biggest concern in this country. As a matter of fact, it is itself the solution but still, the efforts in this field are no more than a horse shit. Even if someone tries to make the effort in this direction, the Indian translation industry comes unfunded with resources. And you were thinking of making it big in the market.

Are you aware?

The answer to this question is tends to NO at a very alarming rate. Know this with the help of an example –

People find that an element created by them can become the root cause of their success and to change that they propose of changing that self-created property. However, the reality is entirely different because either you aren’t aware or are joining the herd. In both the cases, billion Indians come are manipulated and the time, money, talent gets wasted.

The need for localization and why it should be implemented?

Usually, the starting of business happens with an idea and the further stages involve the research ass well as efforts. Although Indians are creative which help them come up with many ideas but then still few of them get the success they deserve. There can be many conclusions to this but the prime of the factors is the use of one foreign language, the lack of multilingualism in the business. Indian business is on the verge to witness a paradigm shift due to many reasons –

High growth in Digitalization

Increased Online presence

High use of smartphones

These are the three main factors which will become the key factors to this shift but only one will be the reason of downfall for many. This reason is none other than localization.

Consider the overall literacy rate of India and the use of languages on the internet which is just one. The country is filled with 1000 native languages and 22 + national languages but still, the internet has the powerful dominance of one foreign language.

Another fact that the total number of Indian language users on the internet is more than the English internet users indicates the dominance in another direction. This certainly makes the implementation of Devnagri as a necessary step in Indian business, so when are you doing it.