Video Translation
Why Video Translation In Indian Languages Is Needed

[:en]India is among the wealthiest countries where their tradition, language, culture, and heritage have not been compromised. The nation has more than 21 languages that civilians most use. Due to this, a language like English is not used in most

video subtitling
Breathtaking Benefits of Investing In Video Subtitling

[:en]Audio-visual media is becoming more prevalent in today’s digital environment. People worldwide may now view video material that was formerly exclusive to a particular area or even a few nations. As such, material becomes more widely accessible; the need for

Video SubTitling
The Art of Video Sub-Titling is Challenging, Yet Beneficial

[:en]Video sub-titling is the service of providing translated captions to a video. Captions are the sentences (spoken dialogues and words) you usually find below a video’s screen. When these captions are changed from one language to another, we get what

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