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Essential Features You Must Know About Transliteration API

If you are working with texts that require transliterations, you may find that even the most dedicated wordsmiths cannot keep the chaos of spelling, formatting, phonetics and grammar under control. If you are transliterating from a language that does not

mother tounge
More than 19,500 mother tongues spoken in India: Census

[:en]More than 19,500 languages or dialects are spoken in India as mother tongues, according to the latest analysis of a census released this week. There are 121 languages which are spoken by 10,000 or more people in India, which has

Venkaiah naidu
Linguistic diversity is our strength: VP Venkaih Naidu

[:en]WARDHA: “Culture is conserved by language,” reiterating the quote of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, vice-president of India M Venkaiah Naidu on Tuesday recalled ‘nai talim’ proposed by Mahatma Gandhi in Wardha in 1937 that laid emphasis on making mother tongue as

Dharmendra Pradhan
Union Education Minister launches AICTE prescribed books in regional languages, NEAT 3.0

[:en]Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan launched NEAT 3.0 to provide the best-developed ed-tech solutions and courses on a single platform. Alongside this, he also launched the regional language textbooks prescribed by AICTE. How NEAT helped the economically disadvantaged He remarked

english to kannada translation
English To Kannada Translation – A Must For Doing Business in India

[:en]Language is an essential part of life. There are many countries and states in the world that have their language, and knowing the language of the region you live in is very important. It gives a personal touch on your

indian translators community
How Is Kutumbh a Solution

[:en]Translator is a professional person who converts a message from one language to another keeping its context aligned. The responsibility is quite high as a lot of things can be at stake if a single word goes out of context.

Devnagri Selected For UPStartup Conclave 2018

[:en]About UPStartup Conclave 2018: This event is an initiative by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and U.P Government to build a unique I.T hub in the state and its capital. The event to be held at IIM Lucknow on Sept 15th,

IOT Localization, IoT Translation, Need of Translation in IOT
IoT and Translation – Why We Require Localization of IoT

[:en]What is IoT? Internet of things (IoT) refers to the physical objects containing embedded technology interacting with the physical environment both internally and externally around them. Such products facilitate user with the easy operative mechanism as they can be controlled

Devnagri, the Tool to Professional Translation services

[:en]The world of ads has grown high in demand, every other business from every sector is going for it to develop a huge branding grounds. But in this rat chase, people are missing the concept of professional translation services, the

Devnagri, the Indian Translator Known for best Translation services in India

[:en]“The world only progresses when its people progress and people grow when the communication grows stronger.” When we all know this simple fact then why are we still stuck in the dominated loophole of one language? A country with 1000

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