difference between interpretation and translation
Difference between Interpretation and Translation

[:en]The major difference between interpretation and translation may be found in the media used and the skill level required for each service: Interpreters convert spoken language into audible form, while translators translate written language into audible form. Both need a

what is translation
What is translation?

[:en]Clear communication and understanding of a document are of vital importance. A document must be concise, crisp and convey optimum meaning same as the original document. Translations are tricky. They are at times difficult. One needs a lot of comprehension

The Roadmap To Professional Repute – English To Assamese Translation

[:en]The history of local languages has been pushed to the periphery for ages. The contemporary era is witnessing new milestones as there has been a continuous drive to move away from an English-centric world. English is the most widely spoken

English To Bengali Translation

[:en]A wise man once said that language is that road map that tells everyone about a particular culture, its people and its histories. The globalized world mandates multiculturalism, and the best way to manifest such multi-faceted unity is language. Communication

English to Gujarati Translation
Cross Linguistic Barriers With Quality English To Gujarati Translation

[:en]Global businesses have seen a surge in number in recent years. This comes as a result of internet expansion and improved relations between countries. Despite such strong connections, an important hurdle that such businesses have had to overcome is language.

Indian Languages Translation
Why Indian Languages Translation Is Important For Business?

[:en]Indian Languages Translation – Globalization has allowed businesses to reach a diverse set of audience and sell their products and services to them. The catch here is that tapping into a new market comes with its own set of challenges.

Does My Content Need To Be Translated or Localized?

[:en]Language is very important in communication. Be it written communication or oral communication, usage of the proper language many-a-times could change the effect such communication can have on the counter-party or the audience for whom the subject matter was designed.

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