Devnagri Independence Day Offer
Devnagri introduces an alluring Independence Day offer for mobile and app translation

Devnagri has launched an appealing and distinct Independence Day offer valid for the duration of 3 months. This offer enables one to translate their website or mobile app into more than 12 Indian languages for free. The process to avail

English To Hindi Translation
Why Is The Banking Sector Availing English To Hindi Translation Solutions?

The banking sector is the core of any economy. In developed countries, Indian banking is operational in English, and banks face many Hindi-speaking people looking for translation solutions. Today there are a huge number of translation agencies that provide their

e-Learning translation
Why eLearning Platforms Are Looking For Translation Solutions? 

There has been a significant rise in e-learning translation platforms and solutions in the last few years. Before the pandemic, the switch from in-person classroom learning to online learning was already well underway. Because of this, many companies have realized how important

Translation vs Transliteration
Translation vs Transliteration: What’s the difference?

Transliteration helps us to pronounce words in another language whereas translation gives us the meaning of words. Transliteration changes the words from one language or alphabet into another corresponding, with similar-sounding letters with different characters. For example, the word for

machine translation
Machine Translation: Natural Language Processing Technology

The idea and benefits of machine translation have also come a long way. It has grown into something that has completely changed the translation industry. Almost all of the big translation companies in the world use at least some tools

translation API
Translation API: The Best Tool To Expand Your Website’s Reach

[:en]The world is increasingly globalized, making it easier for a business to cross its borders. The physical limits are getting smaller, but there is still a problem in the internationalization of a business: the language. Therefore, solutions such as translation

Indian language
What language-first industry trends hold for brands in 2022?

[:en] By October 2021, India had almost 799 million internet users. The story within this story is the projected growth of Indic language users to reach 536 million, clocking a CAGR of 18%. This is not only led by penetration

real-time translation tools
Get Advanced With The Real Time Translation Tools And Grow Your Business

[:en]The translation is definitely not an easy process to be done on your own. It requires in-depth research and planning to present the best in front of the audience. In order to survive the growing competitive industry today, it is

real time translation tool
Why Using Real Time Translation Tool is Important?

[:en]Expanding and communicating to broader audiences is a typical ambition for companies. Real time translation tools are one of the most effective methods to get your message across. It is difficult enough to comprehend someone because of linguistic problems. Even

Machine Translation
The Trending Stuff About Machine Translation

[:en]Machine translation is no longer a fantasy but a completely familiar technology. With the advent of neural networks, a revolution took place. The first breakthrough resulted when a machine translation system performed translation the same way as a human translator

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