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Legal Translation
Legal Translation: What Makes it Different?

[:en]Translation of legal documents involves replacing the source language with the target language, much like any other type of translation. Legal translation, however, is different because the law is a cultural expression. The source document uses terms and content based

legal translation
What is legal translation and why is it important?

[:en]Law is a field that swiftly transgresses national boundaries. The legal domain is an epitome of interconnectivity and globalization in the most acute sense. We know that globalization manifests localization, which in turn necessitates translation services of different kinds. With

Website Localization
Sculpting a More Inclusive World – From Website Localization to Legal Translation

[:en]A part of our day-to-day lexicon – translation is a multidimensional and dynamic process whose history is as old as human civilization. It is the process of communicating the meaning of a source text written in a particular language to

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