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[:en]Website Translation API is a service provided to translate your website between languages through a machine learning approach. Most APIs support more than a hundred languages with built-in tools that can recognize the website’s language and then provide options for translating to other languages. This blog will take you through the best practice that you should consider so that you have better website translation using the APIS.

Some of the best practices include –

1. Optimization of the website architecture

Most of the Translation API is costly if you have a lot of users send translation requests. Website architecture optimization is one way for better translation that is less costly, secure, and high performance.

How can you optimize your website architecture?

* Leverage caching pattern

Caching the translated content will reduce the calls your website makes to the Translation API and decrease your website’s load time. You can setup caching to your website as follows;

A. Through the content delivery network

The content delivery network will help you with content delivery globally. Once you have the translation content of your website for different languages, you can store it at a distributed location on the internet, which will reduce the amount of time to deliver the content to the users. Also, if you choose the CDN services, make sure you go for the one with default security to ensure that you are safe from the bots and other security threats. Also, you can use a firewall to enhance the application’s security.

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B. Proxy caching

Proxy caching is another effective way to use. This method will provide you with the ability to minimum refactor your backend website code. It will end up reducing the cost and loading of the translated content, thus making your site super-fast.

C. Application-level caching

You can configure the caching at the application layer within your web server. Here, you will store the translated content without the HTML markup. Once the user requests translated data, the data will be available within your server.

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2. Using a database

When users request the content in a given language most of the time, you are charged by your Translation API provider. To reduce the cost, you will need to have a database that will save the translated content to your database. So the second time a user from the same region translates the website, make your website query your website to check the content in the database. If the content is already there, it should load it, and if it is not there,it makes use of the API. This procedure will reduce the money you pay to your API provider.

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3. Using translation plugins

If you are using content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and many others customizing the way Translation API plugins behave will be a significant advantage. You can manipulate the plugins and allow them to translate the website into all the available languages and store the page in your content management system. Once one tries to translate the website, it will just look for a page with that requested language and display it.

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4. Avoid using API keys

Rather than using API keys, use a service account for the Translation API; this will ensure secure access with the least privilege. Service accounts are not assigned passwords that reduce the security’s threat, unlike the API keys, which allow authorized access to the data, including some information that may make you susceptible to a threat.


The above are some of the best practices you can carry out to ensure you have a better result for website translation using Translation API. Remember, these practices will not only help you increase the performance of your website but also improve the security and reduce the cost that you might incur for website translation while delivering the content to your user.[:]

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