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[:en]As per Statista, the total number of internet users in the year 2018 was 483 million. It is expected that this population will rise to 666.4 million by the end of 2023. India has shown its potential to become the world’s 2nd largest population in terms of internet users. It is a huge market for online businesses and portals to grab. Most of the states, rural, and urban users prefer Hindi as a common language and find it easier to connect with a website catering to knowledge in the same language. This is where the hidden potential of a website portal lies. Using Hindi translation services for websites will prove to be one of the best resources for online businesses and portals in the upcoming decade.

Grabbing the potential 

English is considered to be the official communication language by most of the countries. This is why a global website portal uses it to convey its messages. The current trend of penetrating a global market has adopted a local outlook to reach better to the users. A global presence is now defined in a localized format where a business can approach a local audience by omitting the language barrier and creating a proper communication channel. Website localization services have become a priority for global websites. In fact, the indigenous online presence is also opting for translation services to cater to the local audiences in Hindi. 

A survey, done by the UN’s International Telecommunication Union, suggests that nearly 28% of global internet users are adept at understanding content in English. The rest struggles to get hold of the content shared by a website. Hence, seeking a translation service for websites will be ideal for online ventures to connect well with potential leads and generate good business by providing better solutions. 

Reason to choose hindi translation

Why choose Hindi for your website localization?

As mentioned earlier, English is the 4th most spoken language in the entire world. In India, this percentage is much less than the global level. In fact, Hindi acquires the 2nd position in the world as the most spoken language after Mandarin Chinese. Hence, it can be easily understood why Hindi can be the best bet for your website translation process. 

These days, a business cannot operate or stand as a worthy option when it does not have a website to cater to its products/services. The brands targeting a huge market in India must go for a Hindi translation service to hold a good position in the market. After all, when it comes to communication, language is the priority. As the number of internet users is increasing every day, Hindi will become the top priority for a business to make its website more connectable.

Benefits of choosing Hindi for website translation language

The statistical survey done by Statista suggests that nearly 320.57 million users were recorded using mobile internet in the year 2016. This population is forecasted to increase and rich 492.68 million by the end of 2022. It can be assumed how much potential the Indian market holds for domestic and international businesses. Choosing Hindi for translating the content will be ideal. Here are the benefits an online business can enjoy using Mobile Localization services.

  • Hindi is the most preferred language

Hindi is the most preferred language in India. Most of the mobile users find it easier to connect with an online portal when the content is delivered in Hindi. It helps the users to understand what is written as a product description. The easier it becomes, the better a website will come out in the eyes of common users. 

Hindi translation of a website is the ideal way to bridge the gap of communication. It will also help the users to interact with the management team and describe their pain. On the other hand, the management will also find what the problems are and will address them with better solutions via designing products and services. The users will feel less reluctant to use a product or service described in Hindi on a website. 

Language stats

  • Revenue generation

As mentioned earlier, when a website can easily connect with the target audience by choosing a proper translation service bridging the gap of communication, the business will be extremely profited. The more leads it can convert, the higher revenue will be generated in the long run. 

Converting leads will become much convenient when the website’s sales pitch is translated into Hindi. The visitors need to be impressed by the first view of a website description. If there is a gap in translation, it will be hard to retain visitors and convert them into leads. This is where Mobile Localization services can be of great help. Targeting mobile users is ideal for contemporary online business ventures. Hence, using a Hindi translation service is a must for converting leads to potential customers and generating revenue.

  • Consumer’s confidence

How a lead becomes a brand loyal customer? It all begins with the first sales pitch laid by a business website. On reading the content, a visitor will decide to stay on the website page or leave. Eventually, the content quality will ensure whether the visitor will become a potential lead or not. It clearly reflects how a website translated into a local language gains the confidence of a consumer. When fabricated and translated in an optimum way, a website influences a lead to become a customer by helping him to make a buying decision. It all depends on the quality of a service or product to make customers stick to the brand. The initial development of confidence in a brand depends on the quality of content displayed on a website. The leads will stick to something that feels more familiar and relatable. Language translation service, thus, becomes one of the most important elements in the digital strategy of a brand opting for a local approach in a global market.

Internet users stats

  • SEO ranking

The rules and protocols of search engines change every day. One thing that remains the same all the time is the requirement of a local language to make a website more connectable for the local users. By choosing website localization services, a brand can multiply its chances of availing a higher rate of search results. The leads will stick to the website longer thus increasing the conversion rate. It will also reduce the bounce rate of the online portal. On analyzing these factors, a search engine will find out how effective a website proves to the visitors. In a nutshell, the page ranking of the website will automatically increase in the long run.

  • Competitive advantage

Competition is much high in every industrial segment. An online business cannot lose leads based on differences in languages. Choosing mobile Localization services, a website will gain more confidence in users and will definitely gain a competitive advantage in a cutthroat competition. Maintaining a customer base will also require proper communication. What can be better than a website translation service to bridge the gap in communication? 

Choosing the right localization service

When it comes to localization service, choosing a reputed and versatile brand is ideal. Experience in different domains delivers an exceptional idea of what leads of different industries seek in an online portal. Quality localization service is the stepping stone to success. [:]

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