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[:en]India is one of the richest countries in terms of heritage, tradition, culture, and language. Considering the point of language, Indians comprise Bengalis, Kashmiris, Gujaratis, and more divided into the categories of North and South Indians. 

More than 21 diverse languages are spoken, read, and written in India. Accounting to this diversity, the demand for an Indian language translation is growing as technology and innovation grow. Business sectors are on the edge to give users/customers/clients what they need from their services and products. For this user satisfaction, every business should cater to provide resources in the language a person understands. 

Hence owing to the improving global hub of India, even international sectors require a translation of their documents and media file formats as per the Indian language context. Thus, the following points stress the importance of translating something (document or media) from your native linguistic to an Indian language.

The Benefits of Investing in Indian Translation Services

It is an unarguable fact that hiring language experts from translation agencies is the ideal choice instead of doing it by yourself. The reasons are plenty to state: Accuracy, quality, timeline, experience, skills, quality control processes, etc. Now, when investing your cash for Indian language service providers, you are sure to get the following benefits, apart from high quality and precision;

Reach a Wider Range of Audience:

As per 2020, about 1,380,004,385 individuals live in India. A high fertility rate leads to more population in India. It is a problem in terms of economy and resource sharing. Yet, this factor is a benefit for business sectors. By delivering products and services in the language that Indians understand, your business may have 1,380,004,385 new people besides other country populations. So, owing to India’s high population, translating elements such as a web page, international commodity, online audio and video channels, OTT streaming platforms, etc. you will cater to a large audience, only from India!

Manufacturing Hub of India is Growing:

With new initiatives and business projects coming up, Indian is hiking in specific industries. A few notable ones among them include medical/healthcare, legal services, travel and tourism, information technology, banking and finance, food and beverages, and the list goes on. So, the catch here is if companies outside India are running operations based on any of the mentioned sectors, then it is high-time to get your elements translated from the native lingual to an Indian language. By doing so, the field can gain momentum in terms of higher revenue, better lead generation, more online traffic, increased views and reads, etc.

Technical Translation is Vital:

Take the domains such as oil and gas, chemical industry, engineering and medical-related fields. Be it a research project or an actual job, the idea here is to draw the attention of people. But a consumer will utilize the idea only when the instructions are legible.  

Say that you are a mechanical technician, and you need the user to understand the guidelines on how to your machine-related app. Now, the user can understand your app only if the language is of their native origin. So, you need to hire a mobile app translation agency to change the language as per user convenience. 

Thus, it is clear that translating technical documents such as user manuals, guides, instruction booklets, etc. is essential. Moreover, by translation of these documents, you can safeguard many lives and avoid grave health damages!

The Localization and Translation Combo is Profitable:

Irrespective of whether a brand is online or offline, customers will come to your professional circle, when the contents are in the Indian language. When translation focuses on changing the lingual, a localization has its core to modify the standard elements based on the target culture. This way, localization and translation will ensure that the customer can interact, react/respond, and perceive what exactly your brand is. So, the more people you attract, the more revenue the shop collects!

Learning Made Easier:

International students are required to learn a language besides their native one. In the case of foreign nationals, international students and researchers who come to India to pursue their goal (s) must know at least one Indian language, other than English. For this, they can get their books, presentations, journals, and other academic documents an Indian language translation. And doing so, it will help them get an idea on the Indian linguistic nuances, and they can even learn the language! Moreover, as per the USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services), it is mandatory to have all documents (legal, professional, academic, medical, etc.) translated from your native language, regardless of your purpose and stay duration in India.


Whether it is a mobile app translation or a medical proof translation, doing it in the Indian language is undoubtedly a benefit! [:]

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