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Voice Over Translation

[:en]The voiceover translation process can be a challenging and daunting task, regardless of the language or the market. Any foreign language voice overs can make it more likely for you to connect with and expand your target audience on a global scale. That’s true whether that target audience is your market, new employees or anyone for that matter. With the experienced voiceover translation experts, you can ease the process and produce localized voiceovers for your videos, televisions ads, radio spots, or multimedia projects successfully.

What is Voice-over Translation & Why Do You Need It?

A voiceover is a recording in the target language from a translated version of the original script. The viewer of the videos can listen to the audio content in the native language. The translations often need adaptation to be well-fitted, suitable, and natural for the recording. It depends on the language, complexity of the video and if the audio has to be precisely synchronized to the visual content on the screen.

Most of you may prefer voiceovers to subtitles because there is no distracting text on the screen. You can follow the information better when you hear it instead of reading it. You will not miss a full sentence or two by looking away momentarily. Moreover, when there is more than one speaker or character, the use of multiple voices allows viewers to distinguish between various speakers and understand dialogues in a better way.

Localization is crucial to globalization. It leads to more potential buyers taking action, which generates excellent ROIs. Almost 55% of consumers claim to more likely purchase a product if all the information is packaged in the native language. Thus, providing the power of translation and thus voice over translation is a necessary and successful business model.

Before you consult a voice over translation professional, ensure to do proper research and choose the one who can offer a wide variety of languages.

Tips to Find the Best Voice-over Translation Experts

Video translation or voiceover translation is an essential part of a well-established global marketing strategy. In simple words, the voiceover translation process involves alternating the original audio file with a new version of the target language.

  • Select Skilled Voice Talents: When you decide to choose a voiceover expert, ensure to be active in the casting from day one. An expert should have a full idea of the character profiles with first names, gender, ethnic background, age and basic personality traits to give natural voice overs.
  • Ask for Project Samples: If your budget allows, request voiceovers artists to record a small sample of your translated script. It is the perfect way to find out if they are suitable for the role or not. However, if it is not feasible, you can ask for samples that are similar in genre to your projects; advertisement, e-learning, drama, etc.
  • Look for a Team: Rather than going for a single voiceover translation expert, particularly if you have ongoing and big projects, go for a team of experts. It will help you get the work done quickly and efficiently.
  • Know Your Sound Files: Which format and level of quality you want? Are you dealing with .mp3 or .wav? Are you creating a single or multi-track audio? Be present in the tech loop with the technical advisor to get the desired results.
  • Determine the Speaking Speed: Select the perfect expert to deliver the intended message. When marketing a product, for instance, you probably want a fast-paced delivery that is potent in all of your target languages. On the other side, the technical content should be slower, more deliberate speaking speed and clearer articulation.
  • 100% Quality Assurance: Ensure the voiceover translation professionals offer linguistic quality assurance. They should review the final recording twice and thrice before delivering it to you with a stamp of approval.

Once you follow these prominent tips and partner with a well-experienced translation company, you will navigate the cultural and technological challenges associated with voiceover translation with ease.

How to Select the Voice-over Translation?

Almost every prominent international brand uses properly localized video content to increase the power of marketing and enhance the brand image globally. Not only do you expand and globalize your business, but also target potential consumers who have a different first language to your original domestic audience. Moreover, localizing your video content is necessary when you have a team of different native languages.

To select the perfect voiceover translation experts, ensure to know your requirements:

Lip-syncing or Dubbing: It is perhaps the most noticeable and common option you will see voice overs in movies and dramas. The technique involved properly setting up new vocal recordings and blending the other audio. The quality of dubbing can differ immensely. However, if it’s done properly; with a correctly localized and synced scripted and the perfect vocal talent, it can turn out to be the most effective option available. As it is not easy to do, ensure to find the well-skilled experts for you to do the task.

UN-style Voice Over: A widely known option particularly for news reporting, it still allows the original dialogue to be heard. In this type of voice over translation, you can still hear the original vocal underneath the new translated one. It can either be a positive aspect (if you want your audience to connect with the original vocal content) or a big distraction relying on your objectives for your project.

Voice Replacement: It can be considered as a merely simpler version of lip-syncing. In voice replacement, the original voice recording is adjusted to zero volume, and the new native-speaking cast performs over the top. Frequently, they do try to create syncing at prime points, but not generally to the extent as lip-syncing.  

In Conclusion

Even though many of you may prefer subtitling and it could be a cost-effective method, multilingual voice over translation offers better information absorption and memory retainment. The pros and cons are endless, but the pros weigh more than the cons. So, regardless of the projects, you’re working on, an excellent voice over translation is an extremely beneficial method for localization.[:]

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