As Nelson Mandela famously said, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

When you serve a global customer, an online presence is the best way to ensure the progress of your enterprise. However, websites in local languages are a great way to influence the local people in the area where that language is spoken. Communicating in the local language is the best way to influence the thought process of the client and also to understand the client’s requirements. Thus, it is beneficial for every business to translate its online portal to address the needs of domestic as well as international customers.

To reach customers all around the globe, you must give them what they understand. When you have a website that has been translated into different languages according to country and state, it breaks the language barrier and escalates global trade opportunities. Translating your website is the primary step in gaining clients from other nations. According to one survey to reach 88% of internet customers, you will require a minimum of 10 languages. So, now you can envision how much your business could achieve by transforming your online site into 3 or 4 local and international languages.

Let us now have a look at the 5 Top Reasons to Translate Your Website :

Gain an edge over your competitors

The advantage of soaring ahead in competition is a strong incentive. If it so happens that your competitors’ website is in a single language, then, by all means, translate yours. Take the help of specialized translators and stand out from the crowd. The cost you invest towards this end will fetch high returns on investment in the long run. For the long term paybacks, you should consider translating your website today.

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Achievement of Client Trust

Several studies have validated the vital necessity for a multi-language website for success in E-commerce business. When clients visit your site and can read the website in their mother-tongue, they will be able to grasp its content effortlessly. It will be easier for them to locate their target. This will encourage them to interact with your site further, which is key to consumer conversion. When you reach out to potential customers in their local language, they acquire a better customer experience, and you gain their trust instantly.

Boost your SEO strategy

Today, the necessity of SEO –Search Engine Optimization, is known to all business owners with an online presence. SEO helps in bringing an increased number of visitors to your website. How can a proficient translator help enhance your search engine result? A well-optimized SEO-friendly site should contain the keyword, Meta titles, alt tag, and Meta descriptions. These are the features of Google algorithms that help in deciding the rank of your website in the search engine results. When you translate your entire content and transcribe your keywords as well, it broadens the range of your target keywords and raises your chances to rank well in Google search results.

When you don’t understand the product, why would you buy it?

As most of us have access to the internet, we can visit websites from different countries and those written in different languages. However, the simple logic that is behind the impediment of global outreach is, if you don’t understand the language and benefits of the product, why would you purchase it? The surprising findings of a survey conducted by Common Sense Advisory are that native language is preferred by 55% of website users for online shopping, and 60% of internet users rarely buy at websites that are written only in English. A whopping 74% of customers will go back and make a second purchase when they receive customer support in their native language. Hence, to increase conversion ratio, do give serious thought to translating your website.

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The world speaks other languages than just English.

Studies reveal that English speakers read 54 % of websites. What about those people who speak in another language? Reality check – only 5% of the world’s population is fluent in English. If you aim to conquer new markets and find new clientele, now is the best time to make your site available in other languages as well. It is also because first impressions matter even in the online world. Your website is your primary tool to interact with visitors online and catch the attention of potential customers. Users worldwide will have an improved perception of your brand when you adapt your website according to the preferences of local customers. If you are prepared to nurture the brand of your business, now is the time to get your site translated.

Now that you know why it is essential to translate your website, hire a professional online translator that can work in the direction of a boost in your business worldwide. Find translators who understand linguistic and ethnic tones, which can offer you a top-quality translation service at a reasonable price. 

You may have some questions and want to learn more about website translation and how it can increase your worldwide market share. In terms of online communication, your online site is one of your chief assets and the most prominent spokesperson for your business. To sum it up, translating your website is crucial for expanding your client base or forming confidence in your current client list. For taming the SEO beast, translating your online site is always a strategic move. 

Thus, for the betterment of your business, it would be best if you tried translating your website. You should make a checklist, do keyword research for the content in your target language, ensure you optimize your site for SEO once you translate it for the local markets. You will see the extent of the effects with time.

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