Devnagri Selected @ NASSCOM 2018 - Devnagri

NASSCOM is celebrating its 15th Anniversary of supporting the new innovative ideas in the field of development with technology. This year, Devnagri is pleased to announce that it will be the part of this event at Bangalore, India on 25th & 26th of October. As its past track records the event is a huge opportunity for those who want their idea to be explored by like thinkers. Through this venture the companies, startups are able to secure economical and influential support.

NASSCOM emerged as a trade associate for Indian IT industries. It has helped in growth and development of many known businesses. It is one of the most recommended association platform that works as a non-profit organization. With more than 2200 registered members it is one the most prevailing international trade organization. It has been appreciated by many noted personalities such as our current Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. This industry association has led all its efforts towards innovation and growth through revolutionary ideas. Research, security, IoT, industrial development, Trade development has been its areas of expertise to guide and support the startups and mid level businesses.

Devnagri “AI Powered Human Translation Platform” is one & only initiative that is trying to cater the vast knowledge bank present over the internet to the Indian users who don’t know English. The basic principle of building this platform is to help each and every Indian internet users in getting 100% out of it by accessing the same in their own languages. The people from every age group should be aligned with the technology and should be able to make their life easy by its proper utilization. To make the concept scalable the technology driven mechanism is being built around AI system which could process the info and help in quick and quality translation. But, the bots cannot be trained without human support. Thus, a whole community of Indian translators have been brought to a platform that will help in translations and would be the trainers of AI.

‘Kutumbh’ an integral part of Devnagri is a first ever Indian language translator community over the internet. The people from background of the Indian languages belonging to different field of technology, medicine etc are aligned to work and translate using their knowledge. It helps talented people of India in securing a permanent job and make them financially strong with reference to their skills. Such community is required in this era to make India a real incredible country.

The founders of the company hope to bring smiles to millions of Indian internet users through this platform.

Expectation From The Event:
For Devnagri this is one of the great opportunities, being shortlisted out of 100’s of global applications is not any easy task. The unique concept has laid its impact at all stages and company hopes that it will help in marking a huge success out of this event. It will be more than just an opportunity as people from known brands and industry experts will be there. The networking and knowledge gain would be huge. The company would appreciate any coming suggestion or comment for grooming the project. They will focus on all the aspects of improvisation and scalability that will be delivered by the idea groomers present at the event.
The past events have helped a lot of startups in grooming themselves and the company hopes that this 15th anniversary will be fruitful for them as well.