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[:en]Does your app work in your own language? It is a proven fact that even though English is the most widely spoken language in the world, accounting for almost 7 to 8 percent of the total global population, there are regions speaking other languages that are making significant technological advancements. Hence, if people in those regions lookout for apps, they will prefer those that are operating in their local language. User interactions are the key to an app’s popularity. Your app cannot reach places if it does not provide an option for translation.

Major applications like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are popular all over the world because they target a specific age group and are available in all the major languages. The applications earn millions because of their versatility and are used by consumers on an hourly basis! Translation plays a very important role in making applications available to the people of your area. If your app can translate into the locally spoken languages, it will have a better audience reach. As accessibility increases, the popularity of the application will too. Translating your app is a must for those users who utilize the text or call feature to connect with their loved ones.

In this article, we will talk about the reasons to translate your apps on mobile or desktop. Since apps can help us do anything and everything, it is about time that localization occurred to increase convenience and also help users interact with each other without any hassles. So let’s find out why translation is so necessary for your daily apps.

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What are the reasons to translate your Apps?

Apps were released first back in the 2000s. Almost two decades later, there are millions of apps available in the market today that have so many features that your fingers will fall short counting! There are apps that come with options to be translated in different languages and there are translation apps that help other apps in changing the language to a more localized version. They work like third party apps for other apps that do not run this technology. Do these translation apps work properly? While most of them do, a number of them are fake apps that replace the actual meaning with something entirely different.

You can choose to opt for a premium translation service that can guarantee to translate the language properly. Also, it should have a number of languages embedded in it to ensure that your local language exists. It is also necessary to check whether the service has been released by a genuine company. Always look out for reviews to understand the sincerity of service.  While we are on this subject, let us guide you through the list of reasons required for you to translate your apps at the earliest,

Economic Prosperity: Which countries in the world boast of an increase in economic growth through their technology and inventions? Now, if those countries manufacture apps in their language, their economic prosperity will soar up. If you develop an application that does not work in their language, your reach economically would get hampered. English is understood in most parts of the world. Other languages like Russian, Hindi, Chinese, and Urdu are also equally important and your app should have options for translation to ensure that it reaches maximum users in a short span of time.

Ensuring App Store Features: How can you ensure that your app’s language matches with the App Store Optimisation or ASO? You have to keep different options for translation which can, in turn, translate keywords and metadata according to the app store features of various devices. This will help in bringing your app to the forefront of different app stores across the world, and that would also ensure more user engagement. Your profits will be abundant and you can get better techniques to improve your apps if needed. You should always remember that the more people download your app, the better it is for your visibility.

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Increase in User Engagement: How can you get more customers to use your app? It is not only necessary for you to have people download your app, but you also need to keep on optimizing your app in order to stay up to date with user interests. The more you keep them engaged, the better it will be for your app visibility. Engagement determines the rate of success for an application. If your app can be translated, it will encourage more engagement as the user can get accustomed to it and feel comfortable in using the application in the future. He or she will also recommend your app to other people in his or her circle.

Better Marketing equals More Popularity: How can you ensure building your app and having options for translating will help you target the right audience? Although there is no guarantee as such, you can do so by marketing your app properly. Post about it on popular social media platforms or get an article published describing the features of the app, with a focus on its USP, it can be translated into local languages. Shoot out the idea of your application to the people who belong to the same industry and will understand what your app is all about. Marketing in local languages also plays a vital role in ensuring how your app can be successful. It might take months or years, or it might not take much effort at all.

Design your app in such a way that it caters to a specific target audience. By incorporating the method of translation, you give shape to your goal to reach out to as many people as possible. People will appreciate the fact that your business targets every culture and language, even if it is considered to be a minority. Building this kind of app might be a task at first, but once you pitch it to the right investors, it will be a definite hit in the app store.

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