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[:en]Transcribing, literally “transferring something into a different form”, is typical of various sectors, from law to biology, from phonetics to music, from the financial and banking sector to market research. For each of these, it is essential that the person who physically carries out the operation is an expert on the subject, with excellent knowledge of specific terminology.

There are many transcription service providers that offer transcription services in over 150 languages for all these sectors, guaranteeing the realization of the service by the best professionals, chosen according to the sector of their competence.

Transcription services are very beneficial for all areas of the public sector and allow for the collection of information exchanged verbally in written format. The service can also be completed by converting and reformatting the document, for example, from a PDF file to a Microsoft Word document.

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Professionals support many public sector entities, providing them with efficient and accurate transcription services thanks to a team of professional transcribers with great experience in the field. The transcription services of interpreting help you to succeed in the global market every day.

Audio Transcription: Convert an audio file into a text document

The transcription of an audio voice recording into a written text can be instrumental if we think, for example, of an interview or a public conference. This is also called unwinding, referring to the old tapes on which videos were recorded.

This transcription service requires an excellent command of the language in question but also the ability to interpret the typical elements of speech, such as pauses and interleaves, which are unrepeatable in written language. Obviously, even the latter requires great attention to avoid grammatical, spelling, and typing errors, all this while maintaining maximum fidelity to the original file.

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Business Transcription

For companies that partner with professionals, they are provided with a wide range of business transcripts, such as:

  • Transcript of lectures
  • Transcription of negotiations
  • Transcript of meetings
  • Transcription of business presentations
  • Transcription of business seminars

Legal Transcription

With the term legal transcription, juridical means both writing the words spoken during a hearing and the annotation of certain public acts in official registers. The acts that must necessarily be subject to registration include some types of contracts, such as those that sanction the transfer of ownership of immovable property. In this case, the transcription consists of a legal advertising tool that allows the transfer of ownership to be made known to third parties.

There are many service providers that deal with the purely linguistic aspect of legal transcription services, providing its clients with the best professionals in the sector who will be able to report in writing what has been said during hearings and judicial proceedings. Given the confidentiality of the information and the situation’s delicacy, it is essential to entrust this service to qualified linguists with a broad knowledge of the sector.

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Medical Transcription

In the medical sector, this service provides the transcription of reports (emergency room, laboratory, etc.), medical files, clinical notes, and medical examinations. This type of transcription is often the most difficult, given the importance of specific terms and abbreviations. Also, in this case, therefore, the transcription must be entrusted to a language expert with a thorough knowledge of medical terminology.

In conclusion, as with transcription in any area, professionals with expertise in the specific language and domain are also important for the public sector. Some public sector contexts relate, for example, to health and education, thus requiring the utmost attention to detail when making a transcript.

Furthermore, in many cases, human transcription services are preferable to automatic transcription, as speech recognition software cannot always grasp linguistic nuances and subtleties like a team of experienced transcribers.[:]

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